Prime Day – What You Need to Know of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Do you ever wonder what that precious sound when you hear the Prime day is? It’s the sound of cash registers and cash being exchanged. Let me explain to you why this is so. Prime Day is a 48-hour sale that takes place once a year and is mainly exclusive on Amazon’s website. This site-wide event gives plenty of people the opportunities to see various prices slashed across a wide range of categories, including laptops, TVs, headphones, smartphones, games, and more home tech. 

Prime Day - What You Need to Know of Amazon Prime Day 2022

There are a lot of discounts on products from different companies like Apple, Sony, LG, Panasonic, OnePlus, and Samsung, to name a few brands. Amazon isn’t the only available website slashing prices around this time either, as there are many more retailers like eBay, Currys PC World, and Argos offering competitive discounts for anyone without an Amazon Prime subscription.

Quite frankly, Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events in the retail calendar. Prime day is an annual two-day extravaganza and you can definitely expect to see thousands of discounts. On literally everything ranging from furniture to fashion, from food to electronics, and many more home items. You can get all the exclusive deals all at a cheaper price.

The annual Prime day is known globally, of course, and while this is a very fruitful event. It is a two-day deal for Prime members only. There are advantageous, non-Prime offers on the site throughout the wholesale. All the best discounts are going to be on the Prime day deals.

When is Prime Day?

It previously used to be a one-day event hence its name Prime Day. But gradually, the duration has extended over the years to become the two deal fiesta that it is today. Another confusing fact is that the previous Prime days usually took place in the summertime and are usually around July. Amazon however broke this cycle when it pushed its event way back to October in the year 2020. to keep its employees safe due to COVID-19. The event eventually settled pretty close to Black Friday. The summer tradition has been restored in the year 2021 and would be around June 21 to June 2022.

When is the Amazon Prime Day 2022?

It is most likely that Prime day that will happen in the year 2022. This will likely be happening from Monday, July 18 to Tuesday, July 19. It is unlikely for Amazon to announce a date yet. But it is suspected to take place during its usual  48 hours of mega sale.

What are the Amazon Prime Day Deals?

If you want to be eligible for an Amazon deal, you will need to sign up for a Prime membership. It is currently at $12.99 per month or $119 per year. It is quite set to go up to $14.99 and $139 from February 25. If you pay for a year now, you will get the cheaper price locked in for the next 12 months.

If you however want to sign up for a free trial, all you have to do is to:

  • Go to Amazon Prime
  • Select the Start your free trial
  • Follow the on screen instructions if prompted
  • You can start browsing deals

You can start a free day prime trial closer to the date once it has been announced and you have not been a member in the past.