Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs In the United States With Visa Sponsorship

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Are you a truck driver seeking a job with Visa Sponsorship in the US? Are you interested in Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs? If yes, then there are so many job offers for you. Firstly, what do we mean by Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs? Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs are flatbed truck driving jobs that do not exceed the region. This implies that you do not have to deliver goods and services across the country. Also, you do not go on long trips. And your primary duty is to maintain the driving logs and the truck. And also go for shipment delivery and pick-ups.

However, when you apply for Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs In the United States, there are a lot of benefits you get to enjoy. Aside from the Visa sponsorship, you get as a foreigner. For you to enjoy these benefits you should apply for the job as a skilled truck driver. And you need to have the required information before you can be employed for the job. What are these requirements? That you would get to know before the end of this article.

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Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs Requirements

Different companies have different requirements for the job. But worry less as I would be listing some of the requirements for you here. So you can have an idea of what you would be needing to apply for the job. However, before applying for the job, you should ensure you have a class A commercial driver’s license so as for you to be able to operate the truck. Aside from that, other things would be required of you before you can be given the job. And they include;

  • Your High School Diploma or GED certificate.
  • Qualifications for hauling a Flatbed truck or any large vehicle.
  • About a year or two years of verifiable flatbed driving experience.
  • A clean driving record.

With these, you can apply for the truck driving job. Any other requirements would be requested of you by the company you are working for. But above all, ensure you have truck driving or any large vehicle experience. As some companies also require it before employing a flatbed truck driver.

Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs In the United States With Visa Sponsorship

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Regional Flatbed Truck Drivers’ Salary

The average salary for a regional flatbed driver in the United States with Visa sponsorship is about $62,628 per year. And per hour is about $32.12 per hour. While experienced drivers earn up to about $88,000 per year. Fine with the salary? Then you can apply for the job. However, also keep in mind that this salary you might earn depends on the company you work for, the truck you are ]\driving, and the distance you go to deliver goods.

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Visa Sponsorship

There are lots of Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs that you can apply for in the United States that offer Visa sponsorship. Some of these jobs would be listed below. So if you want to explore more of these jobs and select the one which you want to apply for. You can visit, Fiverr, SimplyHired, or any other job posting websites to find more flatbed truck driver jobs you can apply for. But in the meantime, here are some of the available jobs you can apply for below;

  • Class A CDL Driver – Regional Flatbed @ Meyers Bros Trucking.
  • CL A Regional FB-No Northeast-Rider @ Rudolph.
  • CDL Dl Driver Paid Weekly Regional Flatbed @ Ryder.
  • Regional Flatbed/Conestoga Truck Driver @ Filterbuy.
  • CDL Regional Flatbed, Van, or Dump Driver @ Lync Repair.
  • Flatbed Regional CDL Truck Driver@ Ruan Transportation Management Systems.
  • Regional Flatbed Driver @ Pinch Flatbed.
  • Regional and Short Haul Flatbed CDL @ Quick delivery Service.
  • Class A regional @ Ryder.
  • Class A Regional Flatbed Truck Driver Dedicated @ Southern Haulers LLC.

More Regional Flatbed truck driver jobs await you at and another job website. So visit, click on the job of your choice, get more information about the job. Get the job requirements, Apply for the job and get your visa sponsorship to come and work legally in the United States as a truck driver.