Roku HBO Max – How to watch HBO Max on your Roku

HBO is a standalone American movie platform that joins all Hbo together with more television favorites, series, and blockbuster movies. Although, you need to subscribe on the platform before you can watch any movies or series of your choice.  It is one of the most popular movie platforms all over the world, but is it available on Roku? A lot of people ask this question a lot meanwhile some people do not know what Roku is about. Roku is a brand of hardware digital media platform that offers users access to stream content from different online platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and so many others. Learn more about Roku HBO Max.

Roku HBO Max - How to watch HBO Max on your Roku

Back to the question is HBO Max on Roku yet? Fortunately, the answer is yes. On December 17, 2020, a deal was struck and you can now stream HBO max on Roku. There are no limits to max series and movies you can stream on Roku. With different HBO max movies like wonder woman, Godzilla vs. Kong on Roku what more can viewers ask for. Furthermore, if you subscribe on HBO you will be updated to HBO max automatically on Roku isn’t that amazing. You do not know how to install HBO max on your Roku device? Not to worry because this article is just for that reason. However, you need to know that the steps are so easy and straightforward, so just follow the article to the very end.

Is HBO max free on Roku?

To stream max on Roku, you need to subscribe which means it demands charges. Although it is not free, it also depends on your plan. If you want to stream HBO max movies on Roku, you can subscribe with HBO max or make use of the Roku pay either way you can go for the cheapest plan.

How to watch HBO Max on your Roku

Are you are a Roku user and you have not installed HBO on your Roku device? Or are you an HBO or HBO max customer and you have not added HBO max on your Roku device? Well, either way, the below are the guidelines on how to add max to your Roku device;

  • On the official homepage, Navigate to streaming channels
  • Choose Movies and TV or New and Notable from your channel store
  • Tap on HBO max and ‘’add channel’’ to you add to your homepage
  • You can now sign in with your details

If you are not an HBO customer or subscriber, you can register and pay for HBO max on Roku using the Roku pay as I stated above.

However, if you are subscribed to the old version of HBO like it was stated above, you will get automatically directed to HBO max on the homepage. But if it did not happen you can follow the below procedure

  • Choose the HBO title
  • Click the star key on your remote control
  • Click on the check for updates option
  • The HBO icon will now change to HBO max

You can now watch the HBO max movies depending on your plan. You can now see the steps are very easy and nothing to panic about. So enjoy your streaming and watch with no limit.

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