SharePoint vs. Egnyte: Which is Better?

SharePoint and Egnyte are popular cloud-based tools for companies and businesses looking to share assets and files. These two have similarities but do have their own special features. Egnyte is a top cloud-based storage service, but SharePoint is taking aim at its drawbacks.

SharePoint vs. Egnyte: Which is Better?

However, both SharePoint and Egnyte offer amazing cloud storage services. Are you considering using any one of them? If you don’t know which option to go for, this blog post will offer you detailed comparisons. Read to the very end and learn more about them. Find out which is better between SharePoint and Egnyte in the article.

Overview of SharePoint and Egnyte

SharePoint is a cloud-based platform for collaborating and managing content. It’s like a virtual space where teams can create websites, share files, and work together on projects. With SharePoint, you can store files online, organize them neatly, and access them from anywhere. It’s especially useful for big teams working on intricate projects, as it’s built on top of Microsoft OneDrive for Business services.

Egnyte is a platform designed for enterprise file-sharing and collaboration, enabling users to securely access, share, and work together with colleagues and partners across different devices. It features user-friendly dashboards tailored to individual permissions, making it easy to log in, synchronize or create files, export them to other applications, and even download them onto mobile devices.

SharePoint vs. Egnyte: Comparison

Which is better between SharePoint and Egnyte? If you want to provide your company with a great file-sharing software tool, you should evaluate various solutions. Just like I have mentioned above, these two have various similarities, but they also have their own special features. This blog post makes a well-detailed comparison between these two tools based on the points below.


Egnyte doesn’t have free plans, but it offers a trial version that you can use to test out its features. On the other hand, SharePoint pricing varies based on whether you’re a OneDrive personal or business user. The enterprise edition includes online file storage and the Office 365 suite. Egnyte tends to be pricier and offers limited storage since it’s a hybrid cloud provider.

Microsoft tool, part of Microsoft Office, is generally more affordable, even though it’s the most expensive plan. For new users, it is the budget-friendly choice, with excellent apps included. However, if you’re accustomed to Egnyte’s pricing, it may be a better option for your needs.


Egnyte serves as a central hub for business activities, featuring its content management platform for collaboration and file sharing. Moreover, this tool offers a comprehensive range of integrations, enabling businesses to streamline operations. While SharePoint Online may not be as tailored as the latter, it offers comparable functionality and sometimes more.

Businesses can utilize the tool as an intranet for employees to manage, create, edit, and share content. Additionally, this Microsoft tool includes its workflow management system, which may outperform Egnyte’s task management system.


When it comes to user-friendliness and straightforwardness, Egnyte’s system is simple and familiar, resembling platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. However, using it requires adhering to its predetermined structure.

On the other hand, SharePoint Online offers greater customization and flexibility. A well-configured site can be even easier to use than Egnyte, even for users with limited tech skills. Though it requires initial setup, the result is a solution more tailored to a business’s specific needs than the former.

Productivity and Collaboration

While these tools have different approaches to file sharing and storage, they both prioritize collaborative work and productivity.

Egnyte offers integrations with various third-party tools, including Google and Microsoft 365 suites, to enhance productivity.

However, when it comes to collaborative work, the Microsoft tool outshines Egnyte. Its website-centered approach and the ability to create sub-sites for smaller projects simplify collaboration across departments or teams.

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 applications, offering potential automation benefits and access to advanced security solutions from Microsoft.

SharePoint vs. Egnyte: Our Verdict

Just like I have mentioned many times above, these tools offer a range of features. Both SharePoint and Egnyte offer benefits to support project and content management. Meanwhile, Egnyte is an incredible storage and file management solution. But that is only what it is.

The additional ease of usability, collaboration features, and flexibility of design of SharePoint may prove more attractive to organizations. It may look appealing to those who are already making use of Microsoft applications. But if you want more security features, you can go for Egnyte. And if you want to make use of both tools and manage them easily, there are other cloud management tools you can go for.

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