SHEIN Store – Shop Trendy Women’s Fashion & Clothing Online

Shein store is a Chinese online fast-fashion retailer. It was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing, China. The company is known for its affordably priced clothing. In its early stages, Shein was more of a dropshipping business than a retailer.

SHEIN Store - Shop Trendy Women's Fashion & Clothing Online
SHEIN Store – Shop Trendy Women’s Fashion & Clothing Online

Shein had nothing to do with clothing design and manufacturing and instead obtained its products from a wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou. In 2020, on TikTok and YouTube, Shein was the most talked-about brand and the 4th most talked-about brand on Instagram. It is currently trading in over 220 countries. Shein doesn’t operate any permanent physical stores, instead, they organize a series of popups in different cities.

How Long Does It Take SHEIN To Ship?

The shipping time of Shein will take 6-8 working days by standard shipping and 2-4 working days by express shipping. Shipping time does not include a 1-3 days processing period needed to process your order from the date your order was placed.

Can SHEIN Be Trusted?

Shein is a well-reputed online retailer. If you are shopping from the United States, they have a great return policy on the first return package from your order within 30 days. Shein is one of the fastest-growing online retailers.

Feature Of SHEIN

Shein is an international B2C fast fashion brand. The company mainly focuses on women’s wear. But it also offers men’s clothing, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, fashion items, and bags. Shein mainly targets Europe, America, the middle east, and Australia with other consumer markets.

Is SHEIN Expensive?

Shein is legit to shop at, but there is a valid reason why its clothes are so cheap. It may not sound real, but local clothing lines that operate domestically often cost more items shipped from overseas.

Is It Safe TO Order From SHEIN?

Yes, Shein is a reputable Chinese fast fashion manufacturer that ships to over 220 countries around the world. It has an information breach back in 2018 but Shein does not sell your information.

What Is SHEIN’S Mission?

Shein prides itself on offering on-trend or latest styles serving both young women and teens, that won’t a hole in their pockets. They stick with the concept that ‘’everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.’’ Shein is able to stay on top of the latest trends from around the globe while bringing these styles quickly to the market.

Shein is the unsurpassed one-stop-shop from the yet economical fashionista. And their aim is to offer or give stylish quality products at comfortable and affordable prices forever customers in the world.

How To Sign Up To SHEIN

Are you new to Shein? To start shopping on SHEIN is very simple. You can explore their product even without signing up for an account. But for you to check out for items, you need to sign up for an account. However, you can follow these steps below to start:

  • Go to the SHEIN store website.
  • At the top right corner of the page, click on the human icon.
  • Then, select Sign in/register.
  • Select your country.
  • Enter in your email address.
  • Choose a password and style preference then click ‘’register’’.

On the next page, you will receive a message that you have successfully opened your Shein account. Now, you can click on ‘’Shop now’’, to start buying and placing orders for amazing outfits at amazing prices for you.

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