Shiloh 2021 Live – Watch Shiloh 2021 Live Stream Session

Shiloh 2021 live is here and you are welcome to this season of greatness. Just in a twinkle of an eye, another Shiloh is here, Shiloh 2021. As a member of the Winners Chapel, Shiloh should not be strange to you. However, if you don’t know about this program you are still lucky. That is because this article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about Shiloh 2021 live. Shiloh is an annual gathering of the winner’s chapel worldwide for the word of God. This program comes up every year, and a lot of people have testified that the program is one of a kind.

Shiloh 2021 Live -  Watch Shiloh 2021 Live Stream Session
Shiloh 2021 Live – Watch Shiloh 2021 Live Stream Session

The Shiloh 2020 left a lot of members surprised because God spoke in a way through the general overseer ‘Bishop David Oyedepo’. And a lot of testimonies happened that day. 2021 convocation has promised to be a life changer and you should not miss it for anything in the world. In this program, God will be unveiling the mystery behind operating in the realm of more than a conqueror to every member. This year Shiloh will be the 23rd edition of Shiloh in the Winners family and that means it will be a spectacular turnaround for all the winner’s families all over the world.

The theme of the Shiloh 2021 live

Every year, different words are taught and different testimonies come, so this year should never be an exception. The theme of the convocation is ‘MORE THAN A CONQUEROR’. And who is a Conqueror? A conqueror is a person who defeats his enemy in every battle he fights. But this is to be more than a conqueror, which means one that scares his enemy before engaging in any battle. To be more than a conqueror, you need to be a part of this amazing program.

What is the date of the Shiloh 2021?

if you are a lover of the program, you would not like to miss the convocation because you know it is awesome. Set your date because the Shiloh has already begun on Tuesday 7th December 2021. And it will end on Sunday 12th December 2021. You should never miss it, now that you know the date. Invite friends and loved ones, so that they can also be a testifier.

Where can I watch the Shiloh 2021?

The Shiloh 2021 live will be shown on different online platforms including the radio. However, the best place to watch the program is the Shiloh ground itself. And it is at the living faith tabernacle, Cannan land, ota Nigeria. But if you do not know how to locate the faith headquarters, you can just visit any closest winners’ chapel and ask for directions.

Furthermore, the Shiloh will be shown in all viewing centers all over the continent. That means, if you can go to the headquarters you can watch it live at the viewing centers. You can also watch it online; just visit the Winners chapel website. You will be able to watch it going live. It will also be available on strong decoders like cable TV and also on YouTube. There are various places to watch the program, so you should never miss it for anything in the world.

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