Spotify Redeem – How To Redeem Spotify Gift Card

What is Spotify Redeem? Well, Spotify Redeem is a process that can only be carried out by users who have a Spotify account. Therefore, you get to redeem your Spotify gift card. Furthermore, this process can be performed online. However, if you want to redeem your Spotify gift card, you need to have an online account. In other words, if you do not have an account or you have not signed up for Spotify, do that now if you want to redeem your gift card.

Spotify Redeem - How To Redeem Spotify Gift Card

Moreover, this process is an amazing and effective way to benefit from your gift card. So, if you want to activate and upgrade to Spotify premium, you can use your Spotify gift card. What’s more, if you are interested in getting one, there are available in different stores around the world. But if you got one for a gift, then you will need to redeem it.

What’s more, you can sign up for a free month of Spotify premium subscription. In addition, if your subscription expires, you can always make use of your Spotify Gift card to activate and enjoy this service again. Now, that you know how important this procedure is, you will be figuring out how you can carry out the process.

But do not forget that you can perform the process only through online means. Frankly speaking, the Spotify Redeem procedure is quite easy and you can perform it within a few minutes. However, if you want to carry out the process, you also need to make sure that you are following the right steps if you want to achieve it in a jiffy. Moreso, you just need the PIN at the back of your gift card to achieve the process.

Spotify Redeem

As mentioned earlier, you need the PIN at the back of your gift card to claim your Spotify gift card. So, here are the instructions and steps you need to follow if you want to successfully claim your Spotify Gift Card. So, to perform the process, here is what you need to do:

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Launch your web browser.
  • Visit
  • Next, provide the PIN on the back of your Spotify gift card.
  • Moreover, you can also type the premium code on the purchase receipt.

Afterward, tap on the Redeem option and you are good to go. Therefore, just as long as you follow this process procedure above, you will successfully redeem your gift card online. However, users of this gift card can redeem up to 18 months of the Premium plan only at a time.

How To Claim Spotify Gift Card On The App

If you are looking for means to claim your Spotify gift card through the mobile app, that is not possible. In other words, users can not use the Spotify app to redeem their gift cards. Therefore, you will have to use its official website to do so. But this does not stop you from using the Spotify app to stream and listen to your favorite songs and playlists.

Can I Redeem Spotify Gifts Cards On Mobile?

Even though you can not use the Spotify app to redeem your gift card, you can still use your mobile phone or device to redeem the card. So, to do this, open the mobile browser on your smartphone and visit Once you visit this link on your mobile phone, follow the instructions on the next screen to successfully perform the Spotify Redeem process.

Spotify Redeem Not Working

If you are trying to redeem your Spotify gift card code but nothing seems to be working, do not worry. Moreover, there are different reasons why your gift card code redemption process is not working. But first, you need to know that you can only use your Spotify gift cards to buy premium individual plans.

In other words, you can not use your gift card to purchase Premium Duo, Premium Student, trial offers, and Premium Family. So, make sure that what you want to purchase with your gift card belongs to the premium individual plans.

Secondly, if you cannot claim your Spotify gift card code, cross-check that the code characters you are providing are correct. This means that you should check out or look out for any error in the code you are entering. So, if there is any, change it.

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