St Valentine – What is St Valentine known for? | Happy St Valentine’s Day

Who is the famous St. Valentine and why is he always celebrated and honored on February 14? Well, this article will be feeding you information about who St Valentine is. St Valentine was a holy priest in the days of Emperor Claudius II in Rome. St. Valentine was a Roman saint belonging to the 3rd century. St Valentine is remembered and honored in Western Christianity on February 14. He is also celebrated in Eastern Orthodoxy on July 6. Valentine’s Day is associated with a tradition of courtly love. St Valentine was born in 175 AD, in Terni, Italy, and died on February 14, 269 AD, in Rome, Italy.

St Valentine - What is St Valentine known for? | Happy St Valentine's Day
St Valentine – What is St Valentine known for? | Happy St Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine Day has been celebrated and invented established by Pope Gelasius II in AD 496. He announced that this day should be celebrated on February 14 in honor of St. Valentine who on that day at the age of 96 in AD 269. And up till today, St. Valentine’s Day has been an important celebration around the world.

What is the history of St. Valentine?

St. Valentine was a clergyman in the Roman Empire who helped persecuted Christians. St. Valentine was a priest or bishop in Rome. He was apparently jailed by Roman emperor Claudius II for his deception and hesitation to obey the emperor’s orders to put a stop to performing Christian marriages. St Valentine was also guilty of lending a helping hand to persecuted Christians. The Roman emperor Claudius II had disregarded Christian teaching because he did not want people to worship anyone other than him.

Valentine wrote his final letter to the daughter of Claudius II before his execution signing it “From your Valentine”. This is according to legends. St. Valentine was also rid of her blindness and tried to convert Claudius II to Christianity, therefore he was sentenced to death. St Valentine was beaten with stones and clubs and was beheaded outside of the Flaminian Gate in Rome and was buried at a Christian cemetery on the Via Flaminia.

What was the reason that made St. Valentine become a saint?

Up till today, St Valentine has been celebrated. He has been celebrated and honored every 14th of February each year. He was also given a feast day by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD in the celebration of the Christian martyr. T. St Valentine became an image of romance and love. However, Saint Valentine was withdrawn from the General Roman Calendar in 1969. There are also histories around his acts and many wonders if the story of Saint Valentine has been inclined to various other interpretations.

How do I celebrate St Valentine Day?

St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by receiving romantic gifts to show and display love, giving love letters and poems from admirers. And, if you have a crush, you can tell them how you feel about them and celebrate the special St Valentine’s Day with them. 75% of adults in the United Kingdom celebrate St Valentine’s Day.

What can I give on Saint Valentine Day?

St. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways. However, there are certain gifts that will be given by lovers as a symbol and token of their love. Some gifts for St Valentine Day are; Super-Sweet Greeting Card, Engraved Necklace, Chocolates, Flowers, Love notes, Teddy bears, Date Bucket list, go on a date, and many more. Your lovers will certainly feel and love these gifts. Don’t forget to also plan special surprises for him/her.

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