Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in USA

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you searched for the best health insurance companies in USA. Health care in USA is a bit expensive, making it difficult for US citizens to get the treatment they need. In the US, a majority of healthcare is private. This means that they are owned by certain individuals.

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in USA

Since these healthcare services are owned by individuals, the price of healthcare services is a bit pricey. And to cover these costs for citizens, there would have to be health insurance for them.

The essence of private health insurance in USA is to protect people from high and unexpected medical bills. As a citizen of USA, it is important that you get private health insurance so that whenever there is an emergency or unexpected health issue, you will be treated without delay.

In the United States, health insurance has been made mandatory for citizens. It is now a law that every citizen must have some form of health insurance, either from their employer, a private insurer, or a government program.

How Much is Health Insurance in USA?

Getting health insurance in USA doesn’t cost much. A single person pays about $117 a month for employer-sponsored coverage and $477 a month for a plan on the health insurance marketplace before any subsidies.

Aside from monthly premiums, health insurance expenses include copayments, coinsurance, and spending to meet your deductible.

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in USA

If you are looking for the best health insurance companies in USA, then you should take a look at the list below. These private insurance companies in USA are dedicated to providing top-notch insurance services for their customers.

Also, they will ensure that you receive the healthcare that you want. Here are the top 10 private insurance companies in the USA that you should consider.

1. Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is one of the best insurance companies in USA, as it provides a wide variety of healthcare programs. When Molina Healthcare was established 43 years ago, it was aimed at treating low-income patients who could not afford their medical expenses.

With its low-cost plan options and budget-friendly benefits, it’s not a mistake that this company is ranked first on our list. There is health insurance coverage for everyone. Visit the website today and check out the plans that best fit your needs.

2. Health Care Service Corporation

Health Care Service Corporation [HCSC] is one of the best health insurance companies in USA as it presently serves roughly 16 million members.

It is currently the fifth-largest health insurer in the U.S., and it offers a wide range of health insurance programs. In addition, it is the licensee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, which establishes its credibility.

They are also one of the best because they offer discounts on gym memberships, healthy food choices, and preventive care services, and they also encourage members to stay healthy and make healthy choices.

3. Centene Corporation

Coming third on our list is Centene Corporation, the largest Medicaid managed care provider in USA. Centene Corporation is one of the best health insurance companies in USA, as it provides access to quality and affordable healthcare for under-insured and uninsured people, particularly those in prisons and people with disabilities.

Also, it offers a variety of other health-related services, including dental and vision care, prescription drug coverage, and mental health services.

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Also known as ‘’The Blues’’ within the healthcare insurance community, Blue Cross Bue Shield [BCBS] is one of the best insurance companies in USA. It offers health insurance to millions of people in the U.S. through programs like the Federal Employee Program [FEP].

BCBS FEP’s cover only federal employees, retirees, and their families. They offer different services like surgeries, drug prescriptions, hospital stays, and doctor visits.

However, Blue Cross Blue Shield doesn’t serve all citizens in the U.S. as it has subsidiaries throughout the country. As of now, you can only get a direct health insurance plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield if you reside in Illinois.

If you reside outside of Illinois, you’ll be taken to the website of any of its subsidiaries to opt for any health insurance plan of your choice.

Aside from this, they offer discounts for things like fitness memberships, healthy eating, and lots more. They also have different packages that people can choose from; for instance, mental health, dental, and vision coverage are also provided.

5. Humana

It will be a travesty of justice if the fourth largest health insurance provider in the U.S., Humana, doesn’t appear on our list. The Kentucky-based company is one of the best insurance companies in the U.S.

Despite the fact that their health insurance plans are quite exorbitant, I want to tell you that they are worth it. Presently, Humana offers three different types of insurance plans, namely:

  • Medicare: coverage for those 65+ or eligible due to certain health conditions.
  • Individual and family: stand-alone plans for dental, vision, and hearing care
  • Medicaid: coverage for adults and children who qualify based on income.

Each of the abovementioned plans has its own share of benefits. Some of the top benefits you can get on each plan include SilverSneakers, dental vision, etc.

6. Aetna

Owned by CVS Health, Aetna is yet another sensational managed health care company in the United States. It offers health insurance to individuals through government-sponsored programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Aetna’s health insurance plan is different from most other health insurance company plans in that it sells consumer-driven healthcare insurance. This means it allows an individual to use his or her pretax money to pay for medical expenses not covered by their health plan.

Aside from these, Aetna has been operating for 17 decades, which is an indication that it is a reliable and trustworthy brand.

7. UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is an all-in-one healthcare insurer in that it offers tons of health insurance plans.

Unlike most health insurance providers that only offer Medicare, Medicaid, and dental plans, UnitedHealthcare offers other health insurance plans like supplemental plans, small business plans, and short-term insurance.

They also provide discounts for some services and offer different plans and packages for customers.

8. Cigna

Cigna is a health insurance provider in the United States that offers individual and family plans, Medicaid, and Medicare plans. They also offer health insurance plans and packages for their clients.

Aside from that, they offer other services, such as dental and vision coverage. Cigna offers discounts on health and wellness products and other services.

9. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser offers different services, and those services range from medical, dental, and vision care services to different health insurance packages. They also offer health insurance packages that can be customized to meet the needs of individual customers.

10. Elevance Health

Although last on our list, Elevance Health is really a go-to platform for any U.S. citizen looking for where to get a health insurance plan.

Formerly known as Anthem, Elevance Health has been operating for up to two decades, providing some of the best health insurance plans.

Not to mention that it is also affiliated with other health insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Wellpoint, Carelon, Amerigroup, and UniCare.

It offers a range of health insurance plans, like pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, medical, and long-term care.


When looking for a health insurer in the U.S., make sure you consider some factors like the company’s financial stability, the types of coverage they offer, and their customer satisfaction ratings. All of this will help you make the right choice.

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