Travis Scott Burger – What is the Travis Scott burger? Price, Ingredients, Order

Are you a lover of burgers and you want a sweeter version of burger; everyone loves good things and one of those good and sweet things is a burger. A burger is sweet when the combination is very enticing and very appealing. In every eatery, there is always a burger on the list as everyone enjoys the hearty and healthy appetizer. And one of those restaurants that offer this treat is Travis Scott. McDonald popular the Travis Scott burger as it is a very hearty upgrade to the everyday normal quarter pounder that everyone is already used to. This version of burger is featured and enriched with thick sliced applewood smoked bacon and two slices of American cheese which are also topped with pickles, onion, lettuce, ketchup, yellow mustard, and it is not surprising that is being offered only on their special menu.

Travis Scott Burger - What is the Travis Scott burger? Price, Ingredients, Order

Travis Scott burger as stated earlier is a quarter pounder that contains 100% fresh beef, double slices of melted cheese, sauces, pickles, onions, and shredded lettuce. The fast-food chain has a full meal that includes the burger, fries, and a sprite not leaving out the amazing BBQ dip. And the burger is on a special list on the menu, so if you are a burger lover, you have just found the perfect burger for yourself.

Is the Travis Scott Burgers Limited?

The sales of Travis Scott burger is very limited as it has been revealed that the Travis Scott burger will only be available for a just month starting from the month of September 8 to October 4. So, if you want to get this offer you might want to hurry so as you can get your burger.

How do I order for Travis Scott Burgers?

Travis Scott burger has gone so hype that some people go out of their way just to get it. But there have been so many setbacks, still, yet, McDonald’s has enough of tricks up their sleeve as they are limiting the order of burgers only from their McDonalds app. So, if you do not have the app on your phone, you can get it when you search for McDonald’s on your device.

How Special is the Burger?

Questions are being asked what makes the burger so special. It has been discovered that the secret of the Travis Scott burger is nothing really big. Just a big of handwork, the magic of your hands, and your desire to make the burger very special. It is just a quarter pound of 100% beef, double slices applewood, and many other ingredients.

Can I still Buy the Travis Scott Burger?

McDonald’s has apologized for the limited offer of the Travis Scott burger. But unfortunately, the burger end date has expired as you cannot get the Travis Scott burgers anymore. Originally, the Travis Scott was released on the 8 of September 2020 and it has been noted that the burger would be available till October 4, 2020. But customers can order the burger only on the app for just $6.

What are the Travis Scott Ingredients?

If you want to make the Travis Scott burgers at home and you do not know the recipe to use, well you do not need to worry as the recipe and ingredients will be listed out for you below.

  • 1 quarter pound 100% beef patty
  • Quarter pound bun
  • 2 slices pasteurized process American cheese
  • 3 slices thick-cut applewood smoked bacon
  • Ketchup
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Pickle slices
  • Dices onions
  • Mustard

You have the ingredients listed out for you; your favorite Travis Scott burger is ready to be made by your talented hands.

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