Undocumented Immigrants – Who Is an Undocumented Immigrant?

Who are undocumented immigrants? Undocumented immigrants are also known as illegal citizens or aliens who have originally arrived in the country lawfully but overstayed their authorized residence. It also includes people who entered the united states without inspection and permission from the government. Undocumented immigrants also mean people who have overstayed their period in the united states and their visa is no longer valid. This person cannot work in a legal place in the United States or any government property. In recent times over 11.2 million undocumented immigrants are staying and working in communities across the U.S.

Undocumented Immigrants - Who Is an Undocumented Immigrant?
Undocumented Immigrants – Who Is an Undocumented Immigrant?

Although there are disadvantages that come with living in the United States illegally, there are also advantages too. However, Undocumented immigrants in the country can face lots of risks like deportation, detention, and other sanctions. Like I said earlier that though that there are also benefits, Do you want to know about the pros and cons of undocumented immigrants? Then follow this article to the end. That is because it will talk about the disadvantages and advantages of undocumented immigrants. All you need to do is follow this article to the very end.

Pros of undocumented immigrants

Staying in the United States illegally does not only benefit the immigrant. It also helps the community. The below are some of the pros or advantages of undocumented immigrants to the country.

  • It helps to build the economy; illegal immigrants are hardworking people because they are saving money to send or bring back to their family and they work for cheaper labor. So the more they work business keeps booming and it is not bad for the economy.
  • Employed undocumented also pay tax; some illegal individuals who work at the restaurants, shop pay revenue to the agency. They also open bank accounts and also buy necessities like automobiles. The tax helps the economy too.
  • Undocumented immigrants also contribute to a richer culture; for some reason, having mixed cultures in a country is a nice thing. That is why the illegal immigrant helps the social values because they bring in their culture and skills to the country.
  • Deporting the undocumented immigrants can cost the government do it is not bad to let them stay; it means if the government deports the entire undocumented immigrant, it will cost a lot. And it is not the kind of expense the country will like to spend
  • Undocumented immigrant are always ready to take up all kind of job; with the aim of making it in the united sates, the illegal immigrant take up the work the citizens are not willing to do. This way services and work are done on time.

Now, we know the pros of undocumented immigrants staying in the United States. You can now see the benefits of it

Cons of the undocumented immigrant

Although there are advantages the disadvantages are very much than and toxic than the benefits. However, I will list some of the cons below. Check it out.

  • Undocumented immigrants cost money; they are complaint that the undocumented immigrants expenses example medical and even the deportation are paid by the government. And this money comes from the taxpayers
  • Undocumented immigrants add to the populations; the undocumented immigrants increase the number of people in the country. and this causes overcrowding bus and trains
  • Undocumented immigrants is a law violations; a lot of people and citizen says that the undocumented immigration violates the law so it should not be allowed
  • Crimes; the undocumented immigrants although not all of them are bad but some come to the country to commit illegal activities like drugs trafficking and so many more

Like I stated earlier, there are benefits but it violates the law to stay in a country with legal documents. That is why it is not advisable to stay in a country illegally and there is lots of risk that comes with it.