University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students 

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Have you had dreams of studying in Canada? Are you looking to study further in a foreign country? Then you have arrived at the right destination. Get off the bus and keep reading this article because I will help you. Since you are here, there are University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students available. So, feel free to apply. Furthermore, this scholarship is fully funded and it takes place every year. Therefore, students from all parts of the world have a chance to study in Canada for free.

University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students 

Moreover, there are benefits that you can enjoy once you get accepted. Plus, if you are an undergraduate, the University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students is the perfect opportunity to obtain a degree. This university also provides a reputable award to foreign students who are ready to chase success. So, if you want to pursue a degree and become a prominent person in society and the world at large, apply for these scholarships.

How Do University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students Work?

The University Of Calgary Scholarships for International Students Undergraduate is a  fully-funded scholarship. It happens every year. This gives students a chance to travel and study for free.

Moreover, if you are considering entering this year, then you can go for the University Of Calgary Scholarship 2023-2024. It is a nice idea. Besides, they provide coverages of $20,000 per annum.

In other words, the $20,000 is renewable. In addition, students from all over the world are eligible to apply so, no matter the country you come from, you do not get to miss out on the mind-blow opportunity.

What Do University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students  Cover?

The coverages offered by the University Of Calgary For International Students fall under two categories. The first one is the University Of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship. This covers $20,000 and it is renewable.

The second one is Energizing Canada International Entrance Scholarship. It also offers coverage of $20,000 and it is also renewable.

Does the University Of Calgary Offer Full Scholarships To International Students?

Yes, the University Of Calgary gives and provides full scholarships for international students from all over the world. However, permanent residents or citizens as well as Canadian citizens are not qualified for the scholarship. Plus, ensure that you register for a full-time program if you want to be eligible.

Courses Offered

The following are the courses that the University Of Calgary offers for international students. So, if you want to apply, you can check out these courses to see if your major is available at the school.

  • Faculty of Science.
  • School of Business.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Faculty of Social Work.
  • School of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Arts.
  • Faculty of Nursing.
  • Faculty of Kinesiology.
  • School of Education.
  • Faculty of Environmental Design.
  • School of Medicine.

So, pursue your dreams as an international student by applying for the University Of Calgary Scholarships.

University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students  Requirements

Before you apply to get a scholarship at any school, you need to meet the requirements. Once you do, you are one step closer to securing your admission to the university. Below are the requirements that you need to meet before you are eligible for the program:

  • You must be good and fluent in the English Language.
  • Countries from all over the world are eligible.
  • You need to pay the application fee.

So, if find out more about your qualifications, then you can check out their official websites to check if you are eligible and figure out which course you want to go for.

Documents Required For University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students 

These are the documents you need to present when you are applying for the University of Calgary scholarship for international students in 2023. They are:

  • English proficiency exam test result.
  • Application form.
  • The course of study.
  • Personal information of the student.

And many more. However, note that the documents required also differ due to the various courses available at the university.

How To Apply

The application process for University Of Calgary International Students  Scholarships is very easy. Here is how to apply for an undergraduate program at the University Of Calgary:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the University Of Calgary Scholarships For International Students website.
  • Create a UCalgary eID.
  • You can make use of the guide to start your application.
  • After you enter all the vital information, submit your application.
  • Then, pay the application fee which cost $145.
  • Since you have now created a profile, go to your Calgary Student Center.
  • In this place, you will find out the documents that you need to submit and where you can submit them.

Follow the process and fill out your application carefully before you submit it. Moreover, make sure that you complete your application before its deadline.

How Do I Get A Scholarship To the University Of Calgary?

If you come from any country and you want to be among those who will get accepted for the scholarship, you need to prove that you are eligible. So, you need to have a GPA of at least 3.20 and present it.

You also need to meet the University’s English proficiency requirement. So, these are the main thing that you need to be able to secure a spot at the University of Calgary as an international student.