VoIP Providers – Best VoIP Service Providers of 2020/2021

Thanks to the new development of ways in people can communicate in terms of business and individual likes. VoIP which is known as Voice over Internet Protocol has been the biggest development of a modern way to communicate with people in rea-time. It’s one of the biggest and fastest ways to communicate in voice calls, video calls, and also text messaging over the internet. The use of VoIP is widely covered as businesses conduct online activities over the internet. In the article, we will mention the list of the top best VoIP service providers.

VoIP Providers - Best VoIP Service Providers of 2020/2021

Nevertheless, there are lots of VoIP Providers that offer people a fast, secure, and reliable method of delivering voice communication over the internet. It’s used by businesses and individuals to communicate in real-time. The feature of the services includes voice call, video call, text message, and more. Majorly, the service is used by businesses to hold a large number of physical phone lines. The fascinating aspect about making use of VoIP providers is that it allows communication of over 100 people at once. Plus, the enhanced feature allows you to send a single message to multiple people are one. However, there a quite number of VoIP providers to select from. But you can find out the best-recommended VoIP service to go for especially for business.

Top Best VoIP Service Providers


RingCentral serves as one of the top-rated VoIP serves that comes with a work-from-home solution. The platform built with text messaging features, unlimited video conferencing, and a lot more. The RingCentral comes with features enhanced more than other providers. It’s suitable for small and large businesses. Some of the popular features of unlimited calls in countries like the US and Canada, access to toll-free calls or local phone numbers, and more.


Ooma comes with an affordable place and also a work-from-home solution. The use of Ooma mostly acquired by small business because of it pricing plan offers. Under the series of plans offered, the Ooma Office and Office Pro plans serve as the best VoIP phone service offered to businesses that have employers working at home.


Nextiva mostly used by midsize businesses working under a particular budget or expenses. The Nextiva being one of the top VoIP service providers offers businesses with an impressive balance of pricing plan and feature that suit your business. Nextiva offers users a powerful feature for people or businesses working from home. The platform is available as a mobile app and also on the website.

GoToConnect VoIP

The GoToConnect VoIP, another dedicated VoIP service that offers you amazing features for communicating with customers or colleagues in real-time. Some of the feature of GoToConnect includes Caller ID, Calling routing, Unlimited call queues, and more.

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