WeChat – Account Sign Up

WeChat is a cross-platform instant messaging service? It was created by Tencent in China and was launched on January 21, 2001. It is the largest messaging app with active users constantly sending messages. This portal is also available on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, windows phones, and Symbian devices. WeChat has over 300 million users in China with 70 million users outside China.

WeChat - Account Sign Up

Text On WeChat

WeChat provides text messaging, sharing photos and videos with other users, and location sharing. A user can also exchange contacts on WeChat with other users nearby using a Bluetooth connection. Users can play games and send money to people. You can also make video calls, order food, read news, and much more on this platform.

Users can also post text-based updates, upload up to 10 images as well as share videos and articles. It is just like a Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. This platform is different from other social networks. On this platform, your contact list will not be visible to others and your update would be visible to friends who have done their account verification.

Features of WeChat

  • Videos call: WeChat enables users to make free face-to-face video calls by pressing “+” and clicking on the video call icon under the chat window. This is just like dialing your contact on your mobile device.
  • Moments: Users like to make use of WeChat moments because it allows them to share photos and videos. This media sharing is not only available to your friends on WeChat but with other users.
  • Group chat: With Wechat you can open your own group chat by clicking on start chat. You can also choose other people you want but Wechat allows 40 members which is the maximum number of users that can be in a group.
  • Shaking: This is the most amazing of features of all. That has to do with the shaking of your mobile device. This enables you to see users who are also shaking their devices at that time no matter where they are. Shaking is very fantastic to find new friends locally and around the world. All you just need to do is to shake your mobile device.

Other Features 

  • Drift bottle: with a drift bottle user can throw a bottle into the sea with a text message or a voice message. And someone from anywhere in the world would pick it but you won’t be able to know the person that picked up the bottle unless you add the person to your friend list.
  • Look around: if a user doesn’t want to use the “shake” feature. Because he or she feels uncomfortable talking to other people that are far from his or her location. He or she can just select “look around” under the social tab to see other users who are nearby.
  • Social networking: Wechat app provides social networking features as well it allows you to connect your WeChat account to your Facebook profile.
  • It is free: Wechat is free to use it doesn’t have a nominal usage fee at all. So anybody can make use of this app is free and open to all users.

How to use WeChat

For a user to get access to this platform he or she needs to register or sign up for an account. You can click on the signup button in order for you to fill in your account information. After you have completed the account sign-up process you need to verify your account. You will receive a four-digit verification code. Enter the verification code and click on submit.

Now you need to set up your WeChat profile on the profile screen in a full name field and type in the name you want. You can also add a photo to your account this will be your profile picture that users can easily identify you with.

WeChat Sign Up

Creating an account is easy but one thing users should always take note of is that this platform makes use of mobile numbers. This makes it easier to verify who the user is and also blocks unauthorized users from tampering with other users’ accounts. You need to put up your mobile phone in other to get started with the WeChat sign-up.

  1. First, you need to download and install the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then run the app and click on the signup icon or click on more and click on sign up.
  3. Enter your full name in the first feed, and select the country/region, phone number, and password you want to use.
  4. When you have filled in all your information you can now click on the sign up button.
  5. A verification message we are sent to your mobile number. You need to complete the verification process in other to activate your account.

This is how a user can successfully create an account and start sending messages and other media files on this platform.

Can you tell if Someone is Online?

Well, there is a very short and simple answer to that. The answer is no. You cannot tell if someone is online on WeChat and the reason is that notifications are not something WeChat gets along with. Also, you should know that there is no alert or marker to show that someone is online on WeChat.

Does WeChat for Web tell if a Message has been Read?

This is a very nice question and trusts me, you would not be the first to ask it. Again, the answer to this question does WeChat tell if a message has been read is no. However, the platform does not want anything to do with this kind of notification. The platform has studied other social networks with this feature and it did not like the effect it had on users.

In addition, people do stress or overthink when a reply takes too long to come after the receiver of the message has read it but failed to reply. The fear of whether you said something wrong would be the case. Also, WeChat considers those as negativities and does not want to get involved with them.

About Web Login

Logging in to WeChat for the web is pretty easy. However, you need to get a mobile device to install the App and your account signed in. If that is in place, follow the steps below to sign in to WeChat on the web.

  • Get your mobile device and launch the WeChat app on it.
  • Sign in to your account if you haven’t signed in already and turn on your PC or computer.
  • On your mobile device where you sign in to your WeChat, tap the (+) button by the top right side of the screen.
  • Tap the “Scan QR Code” button.
  • On your computer, connect to an active source of data connection and launch your preferred web browser.
  • Seek the web address of web.wechat.com using the search bar of the web browser.
  • Using your mobile device, scan the QR code on the screen.

Using WeChat for Web can be done on PCs and computers. Some people see WeChat as boring but the truth is that it is not. This platform can be superb and used in an amazing way depending on where you live. However, If the code scan was successful then you will be signing into your account on the WeChat for web using your computer.

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