WWE – Everything you need to know about World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment also know as WWE is an American consolidated Media and Entertainment that is popularly known for its entertainment content which is Professional Wrestling. WWE is publicly branded and recognized as a leader in global entertainment. It is a diverse varied media organization that consists of its portfolio structure of the business that creates and delivers its own original contents 52 weeks a year to its global audience.

WWE - Everything you need to know about World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE is known for its commitment to creating family-friend entertainment on its own television programming, publishing platforms, and digital media.WWE television shows have been and are still being seen in over 900 million homes and in 28 languages worldwide including FOX Sports, BT Sport, NBCUniversal, Sony India, and Rogers. It is also available in more than 180 countries. It was also founded on 21 February 1980 by its still active CEO Vince McMahon.

What Type Of Wrestling Is WWE?

Apart from the other wrestling styles known as Greco-Roman wrestling and Folkstyle wrestling, there is another class of wrestling being watched around the globe and it is popularly known as Professional wrestling. The World Wide Entertainment or WWE is the broadly viewed form of professional wrestling.

IS The Wrestling Real In WWE?

Just the same way it is in the other professional wrestling, the content on WWE shows is not legitimate but entertainment-based Performance Theater. They follow storyline-driven, scripted and matches that are partially choreographed. It is not a real sport although the cuts and bruises on the show are real.

What Are The Names OF Some Matches Conducted On WWE?

The WWE is the most popular wrestling watched globally and with it comes some of its fierce matches conducted in the ring and watched by the millions of fans who accept it. Some of the popular matches gladly looked forward to include:

  • WrestleMania
  • Smackdown
  • Raw
  • Royal Rumble
  • Steel Cage
  • Iron man cage
  • Table, Ladder and chair (TLC)match
  • Buried Alive match
  • “I Quit” match
  • Ladder match
  • King of the Mountain match
  • Battle Royal
  • Elimination Chamber
  • Hell in a Cell match
  • Triple Threat match
  • Fatal Four Way
  • WWE Money in a Bank
  • SummerSlam

Despite the deathly names being used in the show and publicly displayed for the whole world to see, There are strict rules and guidelines being followed that prevent there being an Actual Death.

What Are The Rules Followed In World Wrestling Entertainment?

The names might sound groggy and scary to a lot of people but as previously mentioned, there are rules and regulations followed to keep the game clean and fair without causing permanent injury to the wrestlers. Here are some of the rules followed to keep the entertainment show steady:

  • Put your opponent on his back to pin him or her down.
  • The wrestler on top is known as the offensive wrestler while the wrestler pinned down is the defense matman. Only the defensive man can score an escape or reversal
  • When you pin your opponent and it has been counted backwards, The match is over and you will be declared the winner
  • You score two points for taking your opponent down to the mat and controlling him/her
  • Unnecessary roughness
  • Unsportsman conduct
  • If you stall in the wrestling match, you will get a warning before you are penalized and points are award to the opposite wrestler.          

Along with other Rules and regulations to keep the game fair, Wrestling has been advised to be viewed by children under parental control and should be warned that the actions taken should not be tried at home, school or anywhere for that matter. Parents should take care in dealing with their kids and their play activities if it’s starting to be an example of the events that takes place in WWE.

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