Xbox Live Gold – How To Get Your Xbox Live Gold Gift Card | Xbox Live

Xbox live gold is a paid subscription service for the original Xbox or the paid version of Xbox live which gives you extra features like playing live online multiplayer games, game recording, and many more every month. This program offers a digital download of games to its subscribers at no charge at all. You also need an action to unlock the games or it becomes unplayable till the subscription period is over. You are also given space for storing files special offers, exclusive access to betas, and Video Kinect.

Xbox Live Gold - How To Get Your Xbox Live Gold Gift Card | Xbox Live

Whether you are playing a cooperative game with a single friend over the internet. Or you are playing a competitive game with a bunch of people you don’t know online. You need Xbox live to do it but if you playing offline or you are playing with another person in the same room and on the same console you don’t need to pay any money.

How does Xbox Live Gold Work?

Xbox live gold offers several free games every month and while these games are available depending on the game you can choose to redeem them on your Xbox console. You can also download and keep the game for free. But if you do not redeem this game when it is for free you won’t be able to get it for free again. Also won’t be getting any games with gold for free when you subscribe. The benefit of Xbox liver gold is the multiplayer access and in addition to this, the Microsoft offers deals to members. The player can customize avatars by changing body shapes, hair, clothes that are released from time to time. The players are not only going to message and view messages but will also access their game library.

Is Xbox Gold Free

Yes Xbox live gold is now free with no cost on the platform. The feature previously requested an Xbox live gold membership but is now free of charge on Xbox one, Xbox series X consoles. Xbox users can now talk over private voice chats which you can now communicate while playing several games also. You can now play Destiny 2, hyper Scape, World of tanks, warzone, Apex legends, Warframe, Fortnite, smite and so many more are all for free.

How to Get Xbox Live Gold

Getting Xbox live gold is very easy and simple where you also get to participate in great Xbox gaming and entertainment when add to your Microsoft account. You can also receive information and can also share your contact to Xbox partners. The following are ways you can get Xbox live gold.

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on join now and you will be taken to the next page.
  • Click on the button ‘’I accept’’ to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your parent email address.
  • And follow the remaining steps to get the app.

After getting the app, open to explore the app and play free bonus games and other benefits that comes with it. Xbox offers a free trial period. However, you should think about how to get a yearly plan but must always be below 3 years. So as not to fall and to use it for other purchases and will also be in need of a VPN at a point.

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