Xbox One Controller – Best Xbox Controller in 2021

Looking for the right controller for your games, not seen the best one and still searching. I’m will be seizing this opportunity to tell you about the Xbox One controller. This is the primary controller for the Microsoft Xbox home video game console. This Xbox controller can connect to your USB port and can also operate without a battery, charge automatically which is supported by the computer running windows. The controller can also collect big bulk of limited editions games for you to enjoy.

Xbox One Controller - Best Xbox Controller in 2021

However, in this article, we will be discussing the best Xbox controller you can buy for your Xbox games and consoles. The first generation of the Xbox controller is called the ‘’Fatty’’. Later the ‘’The Duke’’ and sold to all territories except Japan. However, after the ‘’Duke’’ other Xbox controller was created such as the Xbox 360 controller. As well as, controller S, 360 original, 360 Elite and so many more was created.

Best Xbox Controllers

There is lots of Xbox controller in the market and despite the release date, the Xbox controller is still demanded highly by X box lovers. But, picking out the perfect gaming controller can be a little difficult and confusing as most of them look alike. You can test them before buying it but can conduct intensive research and select from your needs.  You can check the following for the best gaming controller

  • Xbox Adaptive controller
  • Xbox Elite series 2
  • PowerA Enhanced wired controller
  • X-box core controller
  • HORI fighting stick alpha
  • Thrustmaster T-flight HOTAS one
  • Scuf instinct pro
  • Hyperkin Duke
  • Razer Atrox fight stick
  • Razer wolverine v2 chrome
  • Afterglow wired controller
  • Razer turret for Xbox one

Review of Some of the Best Xbox Controller

Xbox Adaptive Controller

This controller is for gamers with limited mobility .it is the only controller that can take on a lot of different form features. The controller provides two-button features which users can connect all sorts of control devices and plan them to different buttons and inputs. It is also compatible with Xbox one console on windows. It is sold at the best price which is $99.99

Scuf Instinct Pro

This controller is another amazing and outstanding controller for Xboxseries S, Xbox series X, and PC. The device has a good back scull and changeable analog sticks. It is designed for faster and better gaming on the Xbox. It is sold at price of $200.

Xbox Core Controller

The core controller is the best overall controller but it is slightly smaller than the previous One controller and is easier for the younger gamers to control. This controller, however, runs on two AA batteries and still remains the one that comes in the box. The battery usage is up to 40 hours without usage and can connect with PC using USB, Bluetooth.

Xbox Elite Series 2

This is designed for competitive game users and also has more than 30 games for you to learn and become an expert. It also has a long-lasting battery that can stay up to 40 hours. It also has unlimited modulation using the Xbox accessories app and it is sold at $99.99

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