Zoom Video Call – How to Host & Join Video Calls on Zoom

There are different ways by which you can communicate with people in different parts of the world in real-time. One of which is through the use of VoIP. Introducing Zoom video call which is a video call platform whereby you can communicate with people, hold group or conference meetings without how far you are being a barrier. Considering the pandemic which refused social gatherings but important conferences have to be held, the zoom video call platform became of great help in bringing together workers of a company or members of a group together with just a call.

Zoom Video Call - How to Host & Join Video Calls on Zoom

Furthermore, with Zoom video call, you can reach anybody you want to from any part of the world. But it takes some simple processes. However, all the important steps that need to be taken and how to go about it would be stated for you. With zoom video call, call meetings, start and organize them, then add whoever you want to join the meeting. The Zoom video call can however host up to 100 participants on a video call. However, you have more than 100 participants, the video call would not last for as long as you want as the host of the meeting.

Zoom Video Call App

Another way by which you can access Zoom to join Zoom call meetings or start a zoom call meeting is through the Zoom video call app. However, the app is available and free for you to download and begin accessing Zoom to host or join any Zoom call meeting. The zoom video call app is available for all mobile devices which includes iOS and Android devices. To download, follow these steps below;

  • Open your mobile device app store
  • Locate the Zoom video call app via the search engine
  • Click on the zoom app
  • Tap the “install” or “get” button to begin download

The zoom video call app is however not available for desktop devices. So, therefore, if you are a desktop device user, to access zoom to join or host a zoom call meeting, you should visit the zoom video call website. However, if you want to host a meeting on the Zoom video call platform either via the app or via the zoom website, you must first process the zoom sign-up as without it you cannot start or host a zoom call meeting.

Zoom Video Call sign up

To host a meeting on zoom, you must first process the zoom video call sign-up. This sign-up is however a registration process by which you must go through before you as a meeting or conference host can hold a zoom call meeting. The registration process only requires just a few of your information, including your email address and other requirements. If you have this information, follow the steps below to begin your sign up;

  • Visit the Zoom website @ https://zoom.us/
  • At the top page of the zoom website locate and click on the “sign up, its free” button
  • Enter your email address and click on the sign-up button
  • An activation email would be sent to the email your provided
  • Visit your email account to click on the “activate account” button
  • Enter your personal information which includes your name and a password
  • Click on the continue button

After the signup, you can now add participants via the use of their email addresses to send them an invitation to join the zoom call meeting and also test the meeting. The sign-up process is necessary and very compulsory for any meeting host using the zoom platform. But for users joining the zoom call meeting, the zoom sign-up is not compulsory as you can join a meeting you have been invited to without necessarily having to sign up.

Host a meeting through zoom calls

To host a meeting on Zoom, you need to log in to your account, which includes providing your email and zoom password. With this, you would have access to your zoom account. Keep in mind, you can decide to host meetings on either the mobile app or via the website. Once you have signed in, you can start a new meeting, join a meeting, schedule a meeting for another time, or share screen. However, to start up a new meeting, follow these steps below;

  • Firstly, sign in your zoom account
  • Click on the new meeting button/icon
  • Set your meeting
  • Click on the “start a meeting” icon
  • Your meeting would begin automatically

As a host, a meeting is however incomplete without participants. Therefore, you can add whoever you want to join your meeting by simply clicking on the participant’s icon which is available on the video call page. Then click on the invite link to add people via messenger, messages, Gmail, Yahoo mail, zoom contacts, or invite links.

How to join a meeting

To join a meeting on zoom, you must be invited or given the zoom calls meeting link by the host. Once you have the link or you have been given an invitation. If you have been invited, click on the link to join the video call. But if you have been given a link or the meeting id, follow these steps below to join a meeting;

  • Visit the zoom website or download the zoom video call app
  • Click on the join a meeting link
  • Enter meeting id or personal link
  • Then click on join button

With these steps, you can join any zoom videos call meeting you have been invited to. You however do not need to sign up for zoom to join a video call. But note that you need an internet connection to access the video call.

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