18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Pastor This Years 2022

I am sure that you know that this year 2022 is finally coming to an end. We have achieved a lot of things throughout this year. But that does not mean that everyone has celebrated their birthdays yet. This means that there are other people out there that still need to receive gifts on their birthdays and your pastors are no exception. So, in this article, you will be uncovering information on 18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Pastor This Year 2022. So, keep reading because there are gift ideas that I am sure your male or female pastor will certainly love.

18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Pastor This Year 2022

18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Pastor This Year 2022

In this section, you can select any gift ideas that you find out below and get for your pastor. Moreover, if your pastor is a male or female, there are still gift ideas that you will find here that you can give them in December. Therefore, you will be able to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For A Male Pastor

Here are some birthday gift ideas that you can purchase for your male pastor. So, check them out and see which one suits them:

  1. A Nice Lovely Suit.
  2. Hotel Night Gift Card.
  3. ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo.
  4. High-End Shave Set.
  5. C-Pen Reader.
  6. Notebook.
  7. Journal Set.
  8. Trees Of Faith.
  9. Date Night In A Box.

A Nice Lovely Suit

A suit always looks nice on every pastor. So, if you need the perfect and best gift to give your male pastor as a December birthday gift in 2022, then try considering a nice suit. Furthermore, your pastor will look very smart and cool when he preaches to you on the podium with the nice suit you gave to him on his birthday. Frankly speaking, a nice lovely suit is actually a very thoughtful gift for men especially.

Hotel Night Gift Card

Another amazing December birthday gift to buy for your male pastor this year 2022 is a Hotel night gift card. What’s more, if your pastor is the type of person that travels around the world for programs and gatherings that are church-related, a hotel night gift card is an ideal gift idea. So, no matter where your pastor is, he can stay at a comfortable place and pass the night.

ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo

An ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo is another nice amazing December birthday gift to buy for your male pastor this year 2022. Now, your pastor can keep special photos with you and even his spouse safe with this device.

High-End Shave Set

Every man needs a shaving set and your pastor is no exception. So, by getting a high-end shave set, he can look decent and perform his job and role in the house of God with confidence and positive energy.

C-Pen Reader

Another amazing December birthday gift to buy for your male pastor is a C-Pen reader. This gift is also helpful in his everyday life. In addition, your pastor can use the C-Pen Reader you give to him as a gift to highlight scriptures and texts which are important for the next service. I am 100% sure that your pastor would love this.


A notebook is always a nice gift to give to pastors whether it is male or female. So, when you give your male pastor a notebook for his birthday in December 2022, he can make plans to make use of it in 2023 for certain things. For instance, writing down scriptures and texts against the next sermon.

Journal Set

I am sure that you know how hard your pastors work to learn and discover God’s words and share them with you as well as the congregation. So, with a journal set, all of these activities can be a lot easier and faster because they can keep track of everything they do.

Trees Of Faith

Nature is one of the most beautiful and most appreciated parts of the world and trees are one of them. But with the Trees of faith, you can learn more about what the bible says and teaches about nature and what verses they are in. Do not forget about prints as well.

Date Night In A Box

Everyone in a relationship needs date nights and your pastors are no different. Moreover, he can decide to enjoy this package with their partner. Date night in a box also comes with a guide that will assist both parties to learn more about how to stay together with God.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For A Female Pastor

Below are some amazing gift options that you select if you are looking to give your female pastor a gift on her birthday in December 2022:

  1. Silk Scarf.
  2. A Wristwatch.
  3. Bible Cover.
  4. Customized Journal.
  5. Faith Box.
  6. Bible Verse Art Bundle.
  7. Hamper.
  8. Good inspirational and encouraging books.
  9. Designer’s Purse.

Silk Scarf

A silk scarf always looks good on a woman and it will certainly look nice on your female pastor. I also advise that you get to as a December birthday gift to buy for her this year 2022.

A Wristwatch

One of the gift ideas that will fit both your male and female pastors is a wristwatch. Moreover, you can also take the initiative to customize or personalized the wristwatch for them and write a bible scripture in or on it.

Bible Cover

Bible covers are one of the amazing December birthday gifts to buy for your male & female pastor this year 2022. In other words, it is a good option for both genders but if you are considering getting your female pastor a nice gift, here is one.

Customized Journal

Female pastors will also need journals to keep track of scriptures and bible texts that they have prepared for an upcoming sermon or service. Moreover, you can also customize this journal for your female pastor and give it to her as a birthday gift.

Faith Box

Giving a faith box to your female pastor as a birthday gift in December 2022 is a good opportunity. So, with this gift, you will show her that she is appreciated even by you. Try considering it when you are financing your birthday gift for her.

Bible Verse Art Bundle

This is another considerable December gift that you can buy for your female pastor. You can also get it for your male pastor as well.

18 Amazing December Birthday – Hamper

A hamper is another good and amazing December birthday gift that you can purchase for your male or female preacher this year 2022. Give her a basket of healthy and good fruits so that she can remain healthy to fulfill God’s purpose in life.

Good Inspirational And Encouraging Books

Even though they are pastors, everyone needs a word of encouragement and inspiration in some areas of their life. So, now is your chance to do something you’re your pastor and get her good inspirational and encouraging books.

Designer’s Purse

Purchasing a designer’s purse is one amazing and thoughtful gift idea for your female pastor if she was born in December. Frankly, women are always going to be huge fans of purses and bags. So, buying a Designer purse for your female pastor is a good idea.

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