Hatfield Lioness Scholarship: How to Apply

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In the quest for gender diversity and equality in STEM fields, programs like the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship stand as an opportunity for this pursuit to be 100% possible.

Hatfield Lioness Scholarship: How to Apply

It was created to empower and support women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Therefore, creating a bias-free environment that is believed to be a male-dominated domain and breaking barriers. In this article, we will be exploring the impact and objectives of this scholarship program.

What is the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship?

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship is an esteemed scholarship program created to empower and support women who are working towards their studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

It was created to tackle the unrecognized and unappreciated status of women in this field and offer financial support, community support, and mentorship to help female students achieve their dreams and goals.

How Does It Work?

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship operates by offering financial assistance to chosen female students who are interested in studying in the STEM fields at an accredited college or university.

Apart from financial support, the accepted students can get access to networking events, mentorship opportunities, and other support forms created to increase their professional and academic development.

Hatfield Lioness Scholarship Eligibility

To apply for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship program, here are the criteria that you need to meet to be considered qualified:

  • Must be a female student enrolled in a STEM-related program at an accredited institution.
  • Show leadership potential.
  • Required language: English.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Commitment to the STEM fields.
  • Applicants from all countries in the world are eligible.
  • Proof of financial need.

The eligibility requirements or criteria may differ depending on the organization or institution sponsoring the program.

Scholarship Coverage

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship usually covers living expenses, tuition fees, and other educational expenses associated with getting a STEM degree. However, the exact level of coverage differs depending on the financial needs of the applicant and the scholarship provider.

How to Apply for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, here are the steps that you can follow to begin:

  • Go to the official website of Hatfield College at the University of Durham.
  • Visit the scholarship section of the page and search for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship program.
  • Find out if you are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Download the application form.
  • Fill it out and provide accurate information.
  • Prepare all the necessary supporting documents. Which include:
    1. Reference letters.
    2. Academic transcripts.
    3. An English-language certificate.
    4. A personal statement.
    5. CV
  • Make sure that you apply before the deadline.
  • Submit your application form as well as other supporting documents.
  • Wait for confirmation.

If there are additional requirements or steps taken by the scholarship committee, follow them to get the award.

Scholarship Summary

  • Country of Study: United Kingdom
  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Deadline: March 31, 2025.
  • Host Institution: Durham University
  • Number of Scholarships: 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by aspiring candidates:

Who is eligible for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship?

Female students who are interested in studying in STEM-related programs at recognized institutions are usually qualified to apply for the scholarship program.

Is the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship available to international students?

The eligibility requirements for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship program may differ depending on the institution or organization that is sponsoring it.

Some scholarship programs are open and accessible to international or foreign students, while others are limited to people living in certain countries.

This is why you need to check the eligibility requirements of any scholarship program you want to apply for.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I am already enrolled in a STEM program?

Yes, it is possible for you to apply for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship if you are already participating in a STEM program.

Besides, many scholarship programs accept the applications of students from other STEM programs, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. Nevertheless, be sure to check the requirements of any scholarship program before applying.

Is the scholarship renewable?

Some scholarship programs are renewed over various years, while others are one-time awards. Meanwhile, you must show financial need or maintain a particular GPA to meet the renewal eligibility criteria. You can find out this if you check the terms and conditions of any scholarship program.

Can I use the scholarship funds for expenses other than tuition and living expenses?

The specific expenses that are covered by scholarship funds tend to differ depending on the terms of the award and the scholarship program.

While the purpose of scholarships is to cover educational expenses like living costs and tuition, some programs allow students to use the funds flexibly for purposes like conference attendance, study opportunities abroad, and research expenses.