7 Best Vacation Rentals in South Africa

The best vacation rentals in South Africa have loads of opportunistic experiences to offer, as well as the best luxury platforms for you. If you are a tourist in the lovely space of South Africa, this is a welcoming space that is definitely required.

Vacation rentals are accommodations that are both private and rented out to tourists or travelers for a short time.

These rentals are in different buildings and sizes, as they are often condos, houses, apartments, lodges, or cottages. Not only are they luxurious, but they also offer travelers more privacy to feel at home.

7 Best Vacation Rentals in South Africa

Furthermore, many of these rentals are affordable and available in South Africa for tourists. If you are touring the beautiful city, you can always hitch onto one of these rentals to ensure your security in accommodation.

Why a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel?

When you are in South Africa, your choice of accommodation is a very important thing, as well as being your choice. However, there are noticeable differences between vacation rentals and hotels in South Africa.

Firstly, vacation rentals are equipped with features that provide a high level of privacy to tourists. These rentals provide guests with the luxury of enjoying the outdoor space, pool, and even the kitchen. This is what makes it unique to the usual means of staying at hotels.

Furthermore, after the year of the global pandemic, the rate at which people rented vacation rentals to hotels increased to 36.4%.

This is also because people preferred the options of privacy in addition to the scope of social distancing. In summary, vacation rentals have become a massive alternative that is less crowded and more comfortable.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Vacation Home In South Africa?

There are tons of vacation homes available in South Africa that are up for rent and very affordable.

Needless to say, there are various vacation homes available with different prices that depend on your budget.

You can find some decent rentals that range from $25 to over $140 per night.

However, you should know that the more amenities that the rental home possesses, the higher the rent is going to be.

Why Should I Rent a Vacation Home in South Africa?

A major reason you should be renting a vacation home in South Africa is the privacy and luxury you will get during your stay. This is a great way to enjoy your vacation. Moreover, you get to enjoy far more amenities for luxury and the comfort of privacy.

What Amenities Are Available in a Private Vacation Home?

The kind of amenities you get will depend on the budget you have as well as the area. If you are dreaming big with an affordable budget, you will get amenities like free parking, a hot tub, a private pool, an in-home washer and dryer, a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, etc.

When is the Best Time to Stay in a vacation home in South Africa?

You can easily stay in a vacation home whenever you visit South Africa as a tourist or traveler. Furthermore, you can also stay in a vacation home in South Africa during periods when prices are cheaper.

7 Best Vacation Rental Websites in South Africa

While there are many unique places you can tour in South Africa, vacation homes are also a nice place of comfort for your stay.

There are reliable and legitimate websites that you can visit to check out vacation homes you can rent. Here are a few of the websites you can visit to get good deals and accommodations:

1 Airbnd:(www.airbnb.co.za)

No doubt, AirBnB is a popular home rental company operating in different countries across the world. It has become the go-to platform for travelers worldwide.

In South Africa, Airbnb offers an extensive selection of accommodations, from cozy apartments in Cape Town to luxurious lodges in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly stay or a lavish retreat, Airbnb has options for every traveler.

 2 Vrbo (www.vrbo.co.za)

Vrbo, short for Vacation Rental by Owner, is another excellent choice for finding vacation rentals in South Africa.

With an emphasis on owner-managed properties, this company offers a personal touch that can enhance your travel experience.

From beachfront bungalows in the Western Cape to cozy chalets in the Drakensberg, you can find the ideal vacation rental for you and your loved ones.

3 Booking.com (www.booking.com)

Booking.com is a global leader in online travel reservations, and it also excels in the South African market.

This platform boasts an extensive database of vacation rentals, ranging from guesthouses in Johannesburg to beachfront villas in Durban.

Their user-friendly interface and transparent booking process make them a popular choice among travelers.

4 SafariNow (www.safarinow.com)

For those seeking unique South African experiences, SafariNow is the platform to explore.

This website focuses on accommodations in and around South Africa’s wildlife reserves and national parks. You can book lodges, safari tents, and game lodges, giving you a front-row seat to the country’s incredible wildlife.

5 HomeAway (www.homeaway.co.za)

HomeAway, a subsidiary of Expedia Group, is a platform specializing in vacation rentals. In South Africa, you’ll find a wide range of options, including charming cottages in the Winelands and serene bush lodges near the country’s renowned game reserves.

HomeAway emphasizes privacy and comfort, making it perfect for family getaways or romantic retreats.

6 TravelGround (www.travelground.com)

TravelGround is a South African-based website that caters to both local and international travelers.

It offers a curated selection of accommodations, including guesthouses, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals.

TravelGround is known for its comprehensive reviews and ratings, helping travelers make informed decisions.

7 Afristay (www.afristay.com)

Afristay is a proudly South African platform that specializes in holiday accommodations across the country.

Their website features a variety of options, from mountain cabins in the Drakensberg to self-catering beach houses along the Garden Route.

Afristay also offers a convenient booking process and excellent customer support.


Planning a vacation in South Africa is an exciting endeavor, and finding the right vacation rental is a crucial part of the process. These websites offer a wealth of options, whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in nature, a vibrant apartment, or a coastal escape. You can visit their official website to get more information about the deals they offer as well as the accommodations available.

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