7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants

Are you a professional Truck Driver? Do you have a valid driver’s license? Do you want to work with trucking companies? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, information about 7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants will be provided. Are you an immigrant? Do you want to work for a trucking company? Then you do not have to worry. Various companies provide immigrants with the privilege of sponsoring them and trucking companies are no exception.

Furthermore, for a company to sponsor you, you will be the perfect fit for a particular position. Moreover, you will have the skills, character, and education level to run and perform the duties of the position. In addition, truck drivers are in high demand in foreign countries. So, as a foreigner or an immigrant, you have the opportunity to work in a foreign company that sponsors immigrants. Therefore, if you are approved for sponsorship, you can be able to migrate and start working in the country.

Why Should I Work with An Immigrant-Sponsoring Truck Company?

Working in a foreign country is the dream of most immigrants. Moreover, these countries have a high demand for truck drivers. If you are an immigrant and you have experience in that field, most employers will consider you.

In addition, you will be earning a moderate salary which can help you to cover the expenses of living in the country. In other words, you will be earning a good income. Moreover, you have access to health insurance, job security, and flexible working hours.

Plus, you do not need to have a degree to be sponsored by a trucking company. If you love to help people, then working as an immigrant with a trucking company is a great way to do it. This is because you have the opportunity. After all, people depend on you.

7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants

Many truck companies need an employee to work for them. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to live in a foreign country as a legal citizen. These truck companies also offer sponsorships to immigrants to assist them financially to migrate and start working legally. 7 of these trucking companies include:

  • Swift Transportation.
  • CRST International.
  • Pepsi Company.
  • J.B. Hunt.
  • Werner Enterprises.
  • Coca-Cola Company.
  • Navajo Express.

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation is a popular trucking company in the United States. Furthermore, they are number one when it comes to logistics and transportation. In addition, Swift Transportation hires foreign or international immigrants a lot.

They also provide visa sponsorship to immigrants who will be a great impact on their company as well as the economy. Plus, to work for Swift Transportation, you need to be eligible and qualified in all aspects. So, if you are an immigrant, apply for a truck driving position today.

CRST International

CRST International is a company situated in the United States of America and they are urgently in need of truck drivers. They also provide immigrants with the opportunity to work in their company. So, as an immigrant who is skilled and experienced, you have an edge to apply for a truck driving position in CRST International.

Apart from sponsorships, they also offer immigrants with other amazing and enjoyable benefits. Once you are sponsored by CRST International, you will be allowed to work legally.

7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants – Pepsi Company

Pepsi is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is also a worldwide sold drink. Truck drivers are needed in the company because they are responsible for transporting the beverage in bulk for retailers.

Then, from the retailer, it reaches the final consumer. Pepsi also offers sponsorship for foreigners providing them with the opportunity to work in the country as legal truck drivers.

J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt is one of the biggest freight transportation providers in North America.  In other words, since they are transportation service providers, then they must need drivers. Moreover, there are a lot of employees working at the company.

However, these employees grow from time to time. J.B. Hunt also sponsors immigrants and foreigners who want to work as truck drivers.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is a transportation and logistics company that provides immigrants with the opportunity to work as truck drivers. Though they have a lot of employees, they also need more truck drivers.

Plus, they are recruiting new drivers who will assist the company transport goods safely and quickly. So, apply for a truck driver position at Werner Enterprises.

7 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants – Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is another popular beverage recognized worldwide. It is also sold in different areas and zones of the world. For the product to reach final consumers, truck drivers need to carry out their responsibilities.

So, which is why Coca-Cola companies are employing immigrants who have the skills of being professional truck drivers.

Navajo Express

Navajo Express is a transportation company that is dedicated to making goods reach retailers. They are also in need of truck drivers who can help to perform this task. They also sponsor immigrants so, no matter your country or background, you will be able to work legally at Navajo Express.

Moreover, Truck drivers are earning a good income, and is sponsored by an employer is an excellent opportunity to migrate and reside in the country legally.