Gks Scholarship – How to Apply for the Scholarship

Do you want to study in Korea? However, Gks which is a global Korean scholarship can help you achieve that through the scholarship they are offering. Meanwhile, it is for international students; the scholarship is to provide these international students opportunity to conduct advanced studies in graduate and undergraduate programs at higher educational institutions in the Republic of Korea. Nevertheless, all these are to promote international exchanges in the education system and mutual friendship between the countries. Therefore, Gks is a fully-funded scholarship and it is also a changed name of the Korean government scholarship.

Furthermore, undergraduate and bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees are for students who apply and got selected for the scholarship program by Gks. Nonetheless, this scholarship program has the inclusion almost all universities in South Korea, and a total number of 22o Gks scholarships are present for the international student in the scholarship program.  However, the total number of undergraduates that can apply is 220 and 1,080 for graduate students and they are subject to any change depending on budget. Interestingly, his scholarship is among the prestigious scholarships that get to offer students hundreds all across the globe to conduct advanced studies.

Gks Scholarship Benefits

Amazingly, if you apply for the Gks scholarship you get one or all of the benefit that comes with the scholarship program. Meanwhile, check below for benefits that come with the Gks scholarship program.

  • You can get sponsored partially  or your complete free education as the scholarship is a fully funded one
  • From home to Korea you get a free air return ticket
  • 200,000 KRW for settlement allowance
  • 900,000 KRW for a monthly allowance
  • You learn the Korean language for 1 year free
  • Admission waiver  of Korean universities
  • 60,000 KRW per month for medical insurance
  • 100,000 KRW each month for Korean proficiency grants
  • 100,000 KRW for Degree completion grants
  • degree program tuition
  • thesis printing fee reimbursement

However, all of these are what you get to enjoy when you get to apply for the Gks scholarship. Also, you will enjoy it more when they approve it.

Eligibility Requirement for Gks Scholarship

Nevertheless, you do not need to be surprised before you can apply and get approved for the Gks scholarship program. However, check below on the requirement needed by Gks before you can be approved.

  • In the Global Korea scholarship program, the applicant must be a citizen of the country that are on the website.
  • the applicant should not be a Korean permanent resident
  • Dual citizenship should not be owned by the applicant
  • you must be under 25 years of age
  •  the applicant must have graduated from high school
  • a GPA of 80% for the global Korea scholarship program is what the applicant must have
  • as an applicant for the scholarship, you must be mentally and physically fit and have the medical report for clearance

How To Apply for Gks Scholarship

Nevertheless, when you want to apply for it you have to meet up to the entire requirement you need to provide by the Gks scholarship program.  However, if you want to apply for the scholarship you have to visit the embassy track or the university track. Meanwhile, you then submit the document asked by the university to the Korean embassy in your native country alone with the application forms.  Nonetheless, you get to apply for a particular university directly while you choose three different universities for the embassy bio.

How to Find Gks Scholarships

However, to find a Gks scholarship is very simple and easy, all you have to do is have the following requirement document and you get the Gks scholarship. Also, the following is the list of the required documents for the Global Korean Scholarship application submission.

  • application form for Gks scholarship
  • your statement
  • research proposal or study plan
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • applicant agreement from Gks
  • your medical assessment
  • your high school graduation certificate
  • grade transcripts for high school
  • motivation letter
  • proof of citizenship document for the applicant
  • proof of citizenship document for applicant parent
  • other certificates and Awards
  • valid TOPIK score certificate
  • Also, a valid English proficiency test certificate
  • Korean war veteran’s descendant proof{for Korean war veteran’s descendants only}
  • Korean citizenship renunciation document proof{for previous Korean citizenship holder only}

Meanwhile, once you have these entire documents ready then you can visit the website online. Submit all the documents. However, they will approve the Gks scholarship and get funded for fully four years.

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