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In the world today, agriculture (Ag) is one of the most common things a lot of people are engaged in. If you are into agriculture, you will love to work at Ag recruitment UK. What is Ag recruitment? Ag recruitment is a UK-based program involved in providing jobs for farmers and people engaged in Agriculture. Nonetheless, if you are so good at agriculture, you should learn about Ag recruitment in the UK and also learn how to apply.

A graduate of agriculture, an undergraduate, or an illiterate, you can apply for a job and get one easily without any issues. However, Ag recruitment is open and available for so many different people from different countries to apply. There are so many places you can apply for a job at Ag recruitment in the UK.

Furthermore, Ag recruitment UK is not a one-man organization or a body instead, it consists of more than one body. What does this mean? On the contrary, this means that so many different agriculture companies altogether are called Ag recruitment. Just like saying they have so many different branches in different locations in the UK. Nevertheless, Ag recruitment UK provides job opportunities, to so many farmers skilled or unskilled.

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This means that wherever you are in the world, you can migrate to the UK and apply for a job at any Ag recruitment company you wish. However, if you eventually get to apply for a job at any Ag recruitment company, you will get to enjoy a lot of benefits and so much more. You also get to improve your farming skills, learn more and so much more.

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Business Sectors

Before locating the Ag recruitment UK jobs, you will need to identify their business sectors. These business sectors help you identify where you should search for a job instead of going through their list of jobs over and over again. Below are the business sectors to take note of.

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  • Dairy.
  • Agricultural & Farm Services.
  • Renewable Energy, Waste, Recycling & Anaerobic Digestion.
  • Groundcare, Amenity & Forestry.
  • Pig & Poultry.
  • Farming.
  • Animal Feed & Nutrition.
  • Agricultural Machinery, Engineering & Technology.
  • Senior & International Agricultural.
  • Graduate & Trainee.
  • Horticulture / Horticultural.
  • Animal Health, Equestrian & Veterinary.
  • Food & Fresh Produce.
  • Crops, Seeds & Grains Jobs.
  • Agronomy, Fertilisers & Agrochemicals.

Ag Recruitment UK Jobs

Just like you have other jobs relating to farming, there are so many jobs offered by Ag recruitment aside from their job types. These jobs are very easy to locate and also very fast to apply for and get. Just by visiting the Ag recruitment UK jobs, you will find a very long list of jobs you can apply for and just by clicking on them, you can easily get a job. However, below, a few jobs will be listed with their salaries.

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  • Forest manager- £45,000.
  • Experienced Pig Stockman- North Lincolnshire- £28,000.
  • Assistant broiler farm manager- Lincoln- £30,000.
  • Sales account manager- soil nutrition & water quality/ Ag Tech- £40,000.
  • Senior office manager- Cotswolds- £45,000.
  • After-sales product support manager- £45,000.
  • General farm worker (private estate) – reading- £28,000.
  • Dairy specialist- animal health sector- £40,000.
  • Dairy farm worker- Aberystwyth- £26,000.
  • Farm manager- fruit (dates) – south Africa- £60,600-£72,750.
  • Business development manager- (soil nutrition) – £50,000+.
  • Truck driver/machine operator (contract farming) – £42,000+.

Ag Recruitment UK Jobs Locations

As stated earlier, Ag recruitment is not a single company. More like it has more than one branch in the UK. However, to find an Ag Recruitment Company to work with, you will need to use Google Maps. Making use of Google Maps helps you locate them faster. However, if you visit the website, on the left, you will find the locations of the Ag recruitment companies you can visit and apply for a job at. Nevertheless, to make this a lot easier, below are the list of locations where Ag recruitment can be found.

  • England.
  • Locations.
  • Northamptonshire.
  • Worcestershire.
  • Lincolnshire.
  • Scotland.
  • Gloucestershire.
  • Oxfordshire.
  • Redditch.
  • North Yorkshire.
  • Somerset.
  • Radstock.
  • Ireland.
  • Norfolk.
  • Hampshire.
  • Cornwall.
  • Leinster.
  • County Kildare.
  • Lincoln.
  • Bath and North East Somerset.
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