Software Engineer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Are you looking for software engineer jobs? Do you have what it takes to work in the United States with visa sponsored trip for job purposes? Well, if your answer is yes, then get ready to meet these companies and firms that are in very big need of Software engineers. These job offers will be listed below with their description and also how much they pay respect to their workers. According to statistics, there are more than 100 software engineer jobs available for foreigners in the US.

Furthermore, it may be of interest for you to know that currently there are several other jobs with visa sponsorship that I have made on my blog site which you may like to check out. However, for software jobs with a visa in the United States, I will be sharing with you great insights in this blog post on ways you can acquire or get visa sponsorship jobs in the United States.

Going further, if you have a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance who is fully a resident of the United States getting visa sponsorships shouldn’t be too difficult especially when you are applying for business and jobs. But what happens if you don’t have anyone who resides in the United States? Well, the best and only way is to look out for job offers that sponsor visas for their employees. Though they might be a bit difficult to find, they do exist in their numbers and that’s why you need to stick to blog sites like this. Perhaps you find interested in any of these Software engineer jobs in the United States, click on to get their full details and also apply for them.  Below are some of the companies that need software engineers to work in their organizations.

Software Engineer Jobs – Open Asset

Currently hiring lots of candidates, Open Asset is offering to any software engineer the post of a support engineer at the entry level. Though this post is not eligible for visa sponsorship, however, it’s a learn-and-earn job that would be of benefit to anyone who is applying for it. Open Asset is a wide company that has grown over the decades with over 700 clients. Open Asset salary is around $120-$165k annually. It’s worth going for if you are qualified for it.


if you are a qualified software engineer then you could consider applying for the post of software engineer under UtilityAPI. The firm currently seeks anyone ready to take up the job at the moment. The annual payment is over $70k.

The job description suits anyone who can write application code and help maintain the Python stack. It can be done remotely but only if you are in the United States.  Benefits attached to this offer include dental insurance, flexible schedule, health insurance, paid time off, stock options, and others not stated.

Software Engineer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Software Engineer Jobs – Data Sys IT

Currently, Sys is recruiting new workers from all around the world that’ll work with the company. The job type is on a full-time basis. Working with this company could get you about $109k- $140k yearly as an estimated salary. The requirements needed for this job are that applicants must know the following; Java, AWS, ASP.Net, Data science, Python, IVR, Testing, IVR Developing, BA, and much more.

Wintrio Austin, TX

Do you know that you could make up to $15k monthly by working as a developer or an architect on a full-time basis with Wintrio? Well, yes, it is very much possible to make such a big amount of money monthly. There are also other reliable benefits to get from the job which include; dental insurance, employee assistance program, flexible account, disability insurance, health insurance, and whole lots of others.

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Software Engineer Jobs – Java Developer

Can you develop java? Then this is an opportunity for you to create that great stream of income by working with the innovative edge consulting temporarily remote in Frisco, TX. As a member of the developing team, you could be earning yourself an estimation of about $94-$120k yearly while you work with the company. There are several benefits to enjoy from the company, which include; visa sponsorship and so much more.

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Currently, the Deloitte group of companies needs lead software engineers who can step up the game of developing the company at all costs. Benefits include visa sponsorship. Your job while you work for the company, includes that you supervising and serving its AI development platform. The salary is very attractive.

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