AnimeFest 2022 – How is AnimeFest Different this Year

Anime addicts are all over the place right now with thousands of people scrolling through the internet looking for anime content to watch. Now, because of the way people love to watch anime, there is a festival held almost every year for fans of anime. AnimeFest 2022 is a convention for fans of anime, manga, games, and other forms of pop culture. The organizers of this event expect nothing less than 12,000 fans to attend. So if you are a true fan of anime then you do not want to miss out on this event.

AnimeFest 2022

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AnimeFest 2022

Just in case you do not know who the organizers of this event are, they are called World Fandom and they are bent on educating the public about animation, cinema, music, art, crafting, design, dance, games, and a lot more. In fact, the convention promises to be educative and fun at the same time. This year’s convention will be held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel so you must not plan to miss it.

I am sure we are all excited about this event coming up on July 29th –Aug 1st. In this event there will be lot and lots of celebration as anime lovers, artists and entertainers will be celebrating what they love most. Membership fees and the efforts of all volunteers are used in organizing this event. So if you are interested in going for the convention make sure you pay up the membership fee.

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AnimeFest Registration

AnimeFest 2022 registration is very important; you register for the event before you can attend the event. Both anime lovers and artists should register for the event and even if you are not a fan of anime, you should also register for the event as it promises to be a lot of fun. Anyway if you have registered and would like to pick your badge up before the convention then you should do that on the 16th of July.

Anime Fest Activities

There will be a lot of activities on AnimeFest 2022, all you have to do is come for the event and have fun. You are going to be having a lot of fun because the organizers have all the activities planned out for anime fans. Anyways let us take a look at these activities below.

  • Gaming
  • Fans Panels and Workshops
  • Library
  • Video Theaters
  • Art Show
  • Cosplay
  • Autographs
  • Fan Video Contest
  • Blood Drive
  • Industry panels

Now that you have seen all of the activities lined up for you, it is important that you do not miss this event for anything in the world.

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How is AnimeFest Different this Year?

AnimeFest 2022 is going to be totally different from that of previous years. The convention promises to be more educative and entertaining at the same time. Let us take a look at what makes the event different this year.

  • There would lot of new experiences despite the fact that the event has been running since the early 1990s. This time members’ feedback will be taken seriously and there will be improvement.
  • The registration badges will be mailed this time around if you register early and opt-in. this time around, the organizer is doing something different. They will mail you your badge before the convention to save you time when you arrive at the convention.
  • This time around, the latest technology will be used to ensure that members have the information and support that they need. And these include mobile-first websites, mobile apps, digital signage, self-registration kiosks, and personalized badges.

Aside from all these the AnimeFest 2022 will be totally different from past years as there have been selected volunteers who will have care and compassion for members. There will be public data and violent offender checks on all volunteers.

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