Amazon Smart Plug – How Does Alexa Smart Plug Works | Amazon Smart Plug Set up

Amazon smart plug is a device that gives you control and the ability to make use of your voice over our electric appliances such as the fans, lights, coffee makers, and so much more. The added appliance to the smart plug turns off and on while you are away or have control over them. All you need to do is toad them to the Alexa-enabled device, just plug in your Amazon smart plug and open the Alexa app.

Amazon Smart Plug - How Does Alexa Smart Plug Works | Amazon Smart Plug Set up

The Amazon smart plug is a single socket that connects to power conduct whenever it is plugged into it using the Alexa voice commands and it blends with the other Alexa authorized appliances. This smart plug legalizes more than 410,000 devices and is available in more than 220 countries. It also connects to the Alexa to add voice control to any outlet and it works really well with it can also connect to a 2.4 GHz wifi network.

How Amazon Smart Plugs Work

The Amazon smart plug can be work when it is plugged into the Alexa app. It can be turned on and off on your mobile phone using Alexa. The Alexa makes you set timers and routines for the smart plugs in your home and lets you control your devices casually and also with your voice. This is smart plug is plugged into your conduct through the Alexa home device to control small home appliances. However, it makes your silent like your fans, coffee maker, and table lamp, and so on to a smart home device.

How to Connect the Smart Plug to your Alexa

For you to connect the smart plug to your Alexa you need some important steps. Once you are able to connect the smart plug to your Alexa you don’t have any problem because you are running a smart home already. Here are the following steps to know how to connect your smart plug to the Alexa app.

  • Plug your Amazon smart plug to a conduct.
  • Download the app that goes with the smart plug app.
  • Set up your smart plug in the app.
  • Launch the alexa app.
  • Tap on the menu on the alexa app.
  • Select skills and games.
  • Tap on the maximize glass to engine search for your smart plug skill.
  • Once you have seen the right skill, click on enable to use.
  • Continue to follow the instructions to set up the smart plug.
  • The process will be completed when you see the smart plug ‘’mini smart pug is set up and ready to use.’’

When you are done pairing the smart plug with the Amazon Alexa, you going through the day and handling your dumb electronics becomes smoother than before.

How to Use an Amazon Smart Plug

Using the Amazon smart plug is very easy and it also works with all the Alexa devices. You can always make several things happen with a single request why not keep reading to know how to use the Amazon smart plug;

  • Plug in the smart plug and open the alexa app. But if your alexa app says ‘’ new plug founded’’ move on to step 4
  • Click on the devices icon in the right corner of the alexa app, he click the plus icon to start
  • Select the device you want to add and select the plug
  • Plug your appliance like your fan, lamp into the plug
  • To enable say Alexa turn on the first plug

Once you have enabled your appliances you can try saying Alexa turn on the bedroom lamp and your other appliances you added to the alexa app.

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