Google Pay – How to Use Google Pay | Google Pay App

Sending and receiving money by digital means from the comfort of your home without stress has now become a common thing in the present world we live in today. There are different digital wallets in the world today, but my main focus today would be Google pay. Google pay is a safe way, simple digital wallet platform which allows you to make online payments, contactless payments in-app purchases in stores, and even for peer-to-peer money transactions.

Google Pay - How to Use Google Pay | Google Pay App

Google Pay authorizes sending and receiving money, unlike other digital wallets, payments can be received into your bank accounts directly. So the era of receiving money in wallets and then transferring it into the bank account has been scraped.

Amazingly, a person doesn’t have to be on the Google Pay app to receive payments. Google Payment makes the process of money transfer even though their website is easy to access. Although the major function of the app is to allow easy money transfer transactions, it also allows the users to make payments in stores that accept UPI-based transactions.

How does the Google Payment Works?

Google pay can be accessed using different phases to make to payment which includes; in-store, in-app, and websites. I will be breaking down all these faze for easy understanding and easy access.

How to Setup Google Pay

In order to start using Google pay and set it up, here are basic steps to follows

  • Simply search for the Google payment app on your phone. It comes with most android phones and OS watches. But if you can’t find it on your device simply visit Google Playstore to download and install it.
  • After installation, open the Google pay app and add a credit or debit card within cards tab.
  • If you’re a newbie to the app, clicks gets started then select a payment mode to start, and take a photo of your card or fill in your card information.
  • You will be verified through email or via sms
  • Now you can unlock your phone and click Google payment at any contactless payment terminal.

How Google Payment does Work in-store?

You can pay for goods by simply unlocking your Android phone like you normally do (which also enables Google Payment to authenticate your transaction), then placing it near a merchant’s contactless terminal, and that’s it. You can also pay for purchases under £45 or $50 without unlocking your phone (the screen just needs to be on), though you can only make a certain number of these transactions before your phone will ask you to unlock it.

  • To do in-store purchases with Google Pay, follow these steps:
  • Look for the Google Pay symbol or contactless payment symbol at a contactless payment terminal near the checkout.
  • Unlock your phone or launch Google Payment on your Wear OS watch.
  • Hold your phone or watch over the terminal and wait until you see a checkmark or hear the beep confirming the transaction.

For purchases above the $50 limit, authentication will be required. You don’t even need to open an app to process a payment. It just lets you tap and go, and when you receive the confirmation/transaction details on your phone

How the Google Payment Works on App?

To do in-app purchases with Google Payment, these are the steps follow:

  1. Simply open a supported app, like wish or kayak.
  2. At checkout or time of purchase, look for the Buy with Google Pay button.
  3. Press the Google Pay button.
  4. Choose the card you want to use, and confirm its 3-digit security number.

Android offers a “Buy with Google Pay” button in apps, meaning you’ll be able to tap a button and swiftly checkout, rather than having to enter your credit card and shipping address each time you make a purchase.

How does the Google Pay Works on Website?

To pay on supported websites with Google Pay, follow these steps:

  • You can use Google Pay in any browser.
  • At checkout on a supported site, just look for the Google Pay purchase button.
  • Choose the card you want to use, and confirm its 3-digit security number.

However, when you see a box at the checkout point that says “Use selected info for future purchases from this site,” check it to use Google Pay and set it as your default payment method. The next time you plan to buy from that site, just choose what you want to buy, start to check out, and confirm that you want to use the payment information linked with Google Pay. Then, all your information will be auto-filled. This way you don’t have to start filling in the information details again.

Is Google Pay Safe and Secure?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world has worked with leading payment networks and financial institutes to deliver industry-standard security tokenization. Google pay tends to protect all your payment information with different layers of security. With tokenization, the retailer receives a 16 digits number instead of your account number. So there’s no doubt about Google Pay not being safe and secure to use. Also, when you make payments in stores, Google Pay doesn’t share your actual card number, so your information is secured and protected.

Also note, the Google pay is only limited to NFC payment technologies, and all transactions are tied to one device. It’s also available to 29 countries for now, so do well to check if your country accepts Google Pay.

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