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Apk4free is one of the popularly known download sites in India. This site comes with the benefit of a review for whichever app or game you want to download. The applications that can be found on this site are just android applications. This site can be one of the greatest sites you have ever stumbled upon on the web as it also features ad-free applications to help you save your data.

What you can find on Apk4free

On Apk4free, you can find android apps like antivirus apps, educational apps, media, and video apps, music and audio apps, personalization apps, photography apps, productivity apps, and even social apps. This category also has tools to help you customize your Android device.

Android games like action games, adventure games, arcade games, casual games, puzzle games, racing games, RPG games, sports games, simulation games, and strategy games can also be found on this website. As you can see, it is like an all in one site for your Android device. There are over nine thousand five hundred and forty apps with review and download link on this site. This site is almost like the virtual google play store.


Download from apk4free

Apk4free is a free download site which means that you can download any of the contents on this site for free. Now it is totally useless to know you can download from this site for free if you do not know how to download from it. To download from the apk4free website,

  • Find the app you want to download using the search bar; you can also find an app using the categories option if you are not sure the app to download.
  • When you find the app, it would be on a post. Hit the post to find the download link.
  • On clicking the post, you would be redirected to a page where you would find the download link. On that same page, you would find the app review. Hit “download”.
  • This step would take you to a third party hosting used in hosting the Apk file.
  • To continue your download, follow the instructions provided on the site you are directed to.

Choose a destination folder for your app and start the download.

Why Am I Always Redirected Whenever I Click The Download Button?

Like I said before, Apk4free uses external or third-party hosts to save the Apk file. This is the major reason you are redirected to another site whenever you hit the download button. The third party hosting they use are uplod.ws, racaty.com, dropapk.com, and daily uploads.net.

Install Apks downloaded from Apk4free

To install a file downloaded from this site, find the downloaded file on your device. It is located on the download path of your device. To install the file, click on the file and an install page would be opened. Scroll through the features the app would have access to and install it. After installation, you can start playing the game or using the app instantly.

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