Rotary Scholarships: Types and Eligibility

Do you wish to pursue a master’s degree to study peace and conflict resolution? Rotary Scholarships offer opportunities to students and professionals who wish to pursue a master’s degree or professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution.

Rotary Scholarships: Types and Eligibility

Since its inception in 1947, they have provided various opportunities to international students, with the primary aim of promoting international understanding and peace. Through their scholarship opportunities, more than 30,000 men and women from 100 countries across the world have been able to further their studies without financial constraints.

Candidates who want to know more about the Rotary scholarship should watch this space, as we will be providing detailed information, from the eligibility criteria to the types of scholarships, the selection process, and tips on how to win the scholarship.

Types of Rotary Scholarships

There are various types of scholarships offered by Rotary that align with individual interests and priorities. Below are the types of scholarships offered by Rotary:

Global Grant Scholarships

This scholarship program is available for graduate students who wish to study abroad in one of these areas of focus:

  • Promoting peace
  • Fighting disease
  • Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Saving mothers and children
  • Supporting education
  • Growing local economies
  • Protecting the environment

The Global Grant Scholarship is funded using the District Designated Funds (DDF), and it lasts for a period of one to four years, including an entire degree program.

District grants

This scholarship can be used to cater for secondary school, undergraduate, or graduate studies. The district grant may cover any duration of time, usually ranging from a six-week language training program to one year or more of university study.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

This is also another type of scholarship opportunity Rotary offers to students. Students can promote peace around the world by engaging in peace fellowships and supporting peace fellow candidates. Check out the eligibility criteria for this program to determine if you’re qualified to apply.

Eligibility Criteria for Rotary Scholarships

Individuals who aspire to apply for the Rotary scholarship must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s program of study must be at the graduate level.
  • The applicant must live in or attend college in District 7390.
  • Must be proficient in the native language of the host country.
  • The applicant must have the intention of traveling abroad for study.
  • The applicant must be able to live within their Rotary host district.

It is essential to note that the Rotary Scholarship will not consider students who do not meet these eligibility criteria.

Selection Process for Rotary Scholarships

Students’s applications are reviewed and assessed based on the eligibility criteria and other factors pertinent to the scholarship. Highlighted below are some of the factors that Rotary Scholarship Initiatives use in electing their recipients:

  • Qualifications based on the eligibility requirements
  • English proficiency
  • Leadership potentials
  • Commitment to peace and development
  • Academic record and compatibility with the preferred university program
  • Feasibility and impact of the Social Change Initiative (certificate only)
  • Compatibility with fellowship objectives and fit with Rotary

For each scholarship year, candidates who are selected to be part of the Rotary scholarship beneficiaries will be notified in November. So, students are advised to stay updated by visiting the official website frequently for valid information.

How to Win a Rotary Scholarship

To increase your chances of securing a Rotary scholarship, consider the following strategies:

  • Research: Familiarize yourself with the specific Rotary scholarship program you intend to apply for, its eligibility criteria, application process, and timeline for application.
  • Highlight your achievements: In your application, showcase your academic performance, leadership experiences, and involvement in community services.
  • Get involved with Rotary clubs: Attend a rotary club meeting. You can volunteer for service projects and build good relationships with Rotarians. This engagement can ultimately increase your chances of receiving a scholarship from a Rotary club.
  • Submit a polished application: Pay close attention to detail when completing your application materials, ensuring that they are well-written, error-free, and submitted on time. Consider seeking feedback from mentors, teachers, or advisors to refine your application before submission.

By following these strategies and demonstrating your passion for service and leadership, you can increase your chances of acing a Rotary scholarship.


What types of scholarships does Rotary offer?

Rotary offers various scholarship programs, which include global grants for graduate-level study, vocational scholarships for individuals in pursuit of career training, and district-level scholarships granted by local Rotary clubs. The minimum grant amount for the Rotary scholarship is US$30,000.

How do I apply for a Rotary scholarship?

Candidates who wish to apply for a Rotary scholarship should visit the official website of the scholarship portal, complete the online application form, and submit the required documents specified by Rotary. It is important to note that the Rotary scholarship is usually for a period of one year. However, applicants may reapply for multi-year programs.

When are Rotary scholarship applications due?

Application deadlines vary depending on the scholarship program and may occur annually or semi-annually. It’s essential to check the specific deadline for the scholarship you’re interested in and submit your application before the specified date.

Are Rotary scholarships renewable?

Candidates can renew some Rotary scholarships for multiple years. However, there are other scholarships that receive funding for a single academic year or training program.

How are Rotary scholarship recipients selected?

The selection process for rotary scholarships typically involves an assessment of applicants’ academic records, leadership experiences, community service, and interviews with scholarship providers and computer members.

Can international students apply for Rotary scholarships?

Sure, international students can apply. Many Rotary scholarships are open to international students pursuing education or training outside their home countries. International students are encouraged to review the eligibility criteria for any of the scholarship programs they intend to apply for.

These are general details about Rotary scholarships; if you need to make further inquiries, consult the official Rotary website or contact local Rotary clubs.

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