Apple Employee Benefits And Perks

What are Apple Employee Benefits? Are you interested in working with Apple Inc Company? Do, you know that if you do, there are lots of benefits you would enjoy? Yes, Apple offers its Employees lots of unique Benefits. And one of the major reasons is to enhance productivity and also help their employees outside the workplace.

Apple Employee Benefits And Perks

However, At Apple, every employee is being opened to and allowed to earn different benefits that make their work fun. All employees earn these benefits irrespective of their job type or responsibilities. And as long as you are an employee at Apple Inc, you would have the opportunity to enjoy all of these benefits. Still, considering whether or not to work at apple? I think you should decide to work there now to enjoy all of the great benefits they offer.

What are these Apple Employee Benefits? Read through this article to discover and be enlightened on them all.

What are Apple Employee Benefits?

Apple employee benefits are benefits given or earned by Apple workers. These benefits are being added to their work life to give them a better work-life and also a comfortable one. With apple employee benefits, you need not worry much about anything.

Apple Employee Benefits

Apple offers a lot to their employers aside from a comfortable working space and an attractive salary. So, are you new at Apple? Or do you want to get to know the benefits you are liable to enjoy when you eventually get the job before applying for it? here are some of them below;

Vacation and Time Off

One of the most important benefits Apple offers its employees is this Vacation and Paid Time Off. Apple Inc gives its employees about 15-20 days off per year. For newly employed apple workers, Apple offers 12 days of Paid Time Off every year. And the company ensures that you get paid during your vacation or time off. This is because Apple believes that employees need to have a healthy work life.

Gym Credit

It is no doubt that being physically fit plays a vital role in an individual’s mental wellness and productivity. Therefore, Apple offers a $300 Gym credit every month in other for employees to be physically fit and also work towards their health and wellness.

Tuition and Self-improvement

Do you know that Apple has its University? You get to study and get improved at Apple University. This means, you get trained and being thought the culture and principles of the company and its role in the world.

Parental Leave

Apple also offers parental leave for parents expecting a baby. It offers a paid leave of four weeks for childbirth and also 14 weeks during leave for maternity.

Health and Wellness

Another Apple employee benefit is health insurance. This health insurance comes alongside dental and vision coverage. Apple offers different health insurance benefits. Some of which are listed below;

  • Disability insurance.
  • Retiree health and medical.
  • Life and supplemental life insurance.
  • Occupational accident insurance

There are still more benefits that you as an employee can enjoy. So why don’t you discover and enjoy all of these benefits by applying for Apple Jobs online now?

Who is Eligible for Apple Employee Benefits?

Every employee at Apple is eligible to enjoy these benefits. Irrespective of the level or area at which the employee is based. Apple has made these benefits accessible to all employees even at the retirement stage. These benefits cover your retirements and much more as long as you are still recognized as an employee at Apple.

Who is Not Eligible for Apple Employee Benefits?

If you get fired or quit as an employee at the tech company, you cannot earn any of the benefits it offers. And you are no longer considered an employee at Apple due to that. However, there are no benefits that cover these kinds of situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple match a 401k?

Yes, it does. Apple matches a 401k for all recent employees. This is one of apple’s extensive benefits.

Do Apple Employees Get Free iPhones?

Unfortunately, free iPhone is not being offered to apple employees. Instead, they are being given discounts to purchase an iPhone at the best prices. They also have Apple family and friends discount benefits for all recent employees.

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