Apple Magic Mouse Review – How to Activate It

Do you know that there is a magic mouse that allows you to easily control every activity on your system without using your hand or eye sensor? Magic Mouse is owned by Apple, Inc and it’s a wireless and rechargeable device. The Magic Mouse by Apple has a multi-touch surface that allows you to swipe or scroll through documents and web pages.

Apple Magic Mouse Review

Furthermore, the Apple mouse has an internal battery that lasts a long. The battery can power up your magic mouse for a month and even more in between charges. In addition, the Apple wireless mouse has a USB-C lighting cable; it weighs 0.22 pounds which is 0.099kg.

While the height is 0.85 inches with a width of 2.25 inches; a depth of 4.47 inches. You can also connect it via Bluetooth, wireless, and even a lighting port. This mouse provides you with exclusive and top-notch functions. Read through this article to find out other features of this device.

How long does the magic mouse last?

It is known that Apple products last and so the magic mouse is not an exception. It takes just 2 minutes to charge the batteries to last for a 9-hour workday. This means if you plugged your Apple mouse overnight then the batteries will last you up to a month and this was confirmed by Apple.

How do I Activate my Magic Mouse?

Activating your magic mouse is very simple. This is because the magic mouse has a switch on the bottom of the device. While the magic keyboard and magic keypad have a switch on the back edge of the device. To activate it, slide the switch to turn off the device (no green is shown), then move the switch back to turn on the device (the green is shown).

Will Apple Wireless Mouse work with a PC?

The Apple mouse was designed with some features one of them being the Bluetooth connection. Users of Windows 10 can use the Apple Mouse 2 on their desktops or laptops. If you want to use the apple wireless mouse without the software, the Apple mouse will still work for the pc. But it won’t have unique features. All you need to do is click devices and Bluetooth then select pair the device.

Why is my Apple Mouse not connecting to my iPad?

If your magic mouse is not connecting to your iPad, you need to check if your mouse is not connected to another device, if it is not, then include the mouse or trackpad in the accessibility switch control settings. Start your iPhone again or iPad together with your mouse or trackpad. Then disconnect your Apple Wireless Mouse from all devices and connect it again.

Can I use the magic mouse for video games?

If you are an online video game lover and you want to use the magic mouse for your video games. Then let me put it to you that it is a very bad idea, as the apple wireless mouse is not ideal for you to play video games with. The Apple mouse has poor click latency which makes it difficult for you to quickly react to your game. Due to the design of the mouse, the apple wireless mouse can only be used with a fingertip grip which might not be convenient for a long gaming period.

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