AZ Movies – Watch Movies from A to Z on

The aspect of watching movies from your comfort zone with CD cassettes and DVD players serves as the traditional way and is no longer used anymore. Cinemas and online movies steaming platforms are the two most respectable platforms where you can watch movies. The internet has given room for the introduction of movies sites or platforms which would make streaming and downloading of movies easier for you. However, there are so many movies’ websites/platforms available for you online. One of these websites is the Azmovies. The Az movies site is a free and open website that enables you to stream movies from A-Z without registration or payment.

AZ Movies - Watch Movies from A to Z on

Furthermore, Az movies is a very popular website that renders new and just released movies for streaming online for free. The website has a very long list of movies you would love to watch and it also enables you as a user to download content from it very much easily. Although, Azmovies is known for harboring and releasing pirated content which is against the law. The Az movies website is however illegal and streaming movies on the website could attract trouble. However, it is not safe to stream nor download movies from the Azmovies site as its contents are being uploaded without the license of the copyright for users of the website to stream or download for free.

Az Movies App

Aside from visiting the Azmovies site, there is also another way by which the Az movies platform can be accessed. It is through the Azmovies app which makes locating the Azmovies platform easier for you to get to without the use of a web browser. The Az movies app is however compatible with any mobile device you use it on and it is available on any app store on your mobile device. Here are steps by which you can download or install the Azmovies app on your device;

  1. Open your Google play store or apple store
  2. Locate the Az movies app using the store’s search engine
  3. Click on the app from the result
  4. On the app page, click on the “install” or “get” button

After you have completed the above-listed process to download or install the app on your mobile device, you can now start accessing the app on your mobile device to stream movies. However, it is also possible to install the app only on Android, and not on windows and mac devices. But it is preferable to stream or download movies using the Az movies website on your desktop device. See below the categories of movies on the Azmovies site.

Azmovies Genres

The genres of movies on the Azmovies site are so unique which would make locating movies even easier for you to locate movies easily for downloading and streaming. The movies are grouped into genres according to their contents. Here are the Genres of movies on the Azmovies by which you can stream movies from any aspect of your choice;

  • History
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Tv Movie
  • War
  • Western
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  •  Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Foreign

Each of these genres has its area of concentration. So, therefore, if you are interested in just only action movies, you should click on the action movies link to check out the different action movies the Azmovies has to offer to you and so with other AZ movies genres. However, you can also locate movies for streaming and downloading by your favorite actors just by clicking on the actor’s link to check out different actors and locate your own favorite actors.

How to Stream Movies on

Movies on the Azmovies site have already been made available for you in high quality. Therefore, you can stream as many movies as you want on the AZ movies website. if you are new to the Azmovies site, here are steps by which you can stream movies on the website;

  1. Visit the Movies website @
  2. Locate and Click on the movie you want to stream
  3. On the movie page, click on the play button
  4. Your movie would begin automatically

In conclusion, you might not be able to stream the complete movie on the Azmovies site but only the movie thriller. Therefore, some links would be provided for you to click on to be redirected to another site. Whereby you can stream the movie of your choice. Although, those websites might require you to sign up. However, if you do not want to stream on those websites, you can visit other websites. Like the Az movies website to stream or process movie downloads on the website. some of these websites include; 123Movies, Putlocker, Los Movies, Vmovee, Movies123, and many more. Or you can stream from legal websites like amazon prime, Netflix or YouTube.

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