Bank of America Employee Resources at Home 2022

No doubt, Bank of America is one of the largest multinational investment banks and financial institutions, offering a wide range of services and products ranging from checking and savings accounts to credit cards, home loans, auto loans, and a lot more. The company has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, with 4300 branches across states and regions in the U.S. BOA provides its customers with the best services and products including their employees. Through the Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Program, employees and their families get to enjoy various benefits ranging from financial, health, professional, and a lot more What then are Bank of America  Resources at Home?

What is Bank of America Employee Resources at Home all about?

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home is a program designed to provide Bank of America U.S.-based employees and their families access to a wide range of services while they are away from work. These benefits can be accessed by active employees, employees on leave, family members, and former employees.  The program or initiative aims to provide all their employees both active and retired employees with health benefits ranging from Medical, Health Care accounts, Dental, Vision, Wellness activities, pregnancy, adoption, and more.

Also, employees can access and enjoy benefits such as childcare reimbursement, tuition assistance, Insurance support, discounts, and more.  In addition, the Bank of America Resources at Home program at Home helps to provide integrated retirement and benefits plans thereby helping worker retain their talent.  Employees these services and benefits from the comfort of their homes via their official website at  On the website, users will be able to check their benefits as well as use their online tools to find the right benefits.  It also features extensive learning and development content designed to help improve your career and build and more. The program does not only help to support employees’ financials but also helps employees manage their careers.

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Benefits

As previously stated, several benefits come with the BOFA Employee Resources at Home program. And these benefits can be enjoyed and accessed by all Bank of America Employees. Whether you are an active employee, Retired, or on Leave, you can access the benefits that come with the program.  Here are some of the benefits that the program provides;

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Physical Wellness

 This program seeks to provide employees with health and insurance benefits thereby providing them with good health.  You can enjoy or access insurance, health, and wellness programs such as Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Disability, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, and more. In addition, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and manage your health at the most affordable price.

Emotional Wellness

Another benefit accessible via the Bank Resources at Home program is Emotional wellness. The company provides 24/7 support for employees in times of challenge or family crises. For instance, U.S employees have access to backup child and adult care when regular arrangements aren’t available. Also, the company provides a life event service team to help provide personalized support for employees facing domestic violence, undergoing gender transition, or facing natural disasters.

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Financial Support and Wellness

According to Bank of America, eligible U.S. employees can access 5% of eligible pay in 401K company matching contributions. In addition, they get access to a 3% annual contribution but this is based on their years of service.  Aside from this, employees can talk to experienced financial counselors at their Benefit Education and Planning Center without paying a dime. You will get retirement planning advice, how to create and reach your financial goals, and more.

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Professional Support

Bank of America Resources at Home is also designed to provide employees with professional support to enable them to build their careers and skills. You get professional support such as Tuition Assistance, Job Training, Apprenticeship program training, Diversity Program, Professional Development, and more. This training can be accessed online via their official website or in person.

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Help Line

For more information or to make a general inquiry, you can always contact BOFA Employee Resources Customer Service through their helpline numbers. Here are the numbers to call whenever you need help.

Global HR Service Center

Email or chat for U.S. active employees

Email or chat for U.S. employees on leave and former U.S. employees

For Employee Assistance Program

You can call customer service for confidential counseling and their services can be accessed 24/7

Employee Retirement Savings Center

(401(k) plans; stock and long-term cash)

Employee Retirement Benefits Service Center

(Pension and TSA plans)

Employee Financial Services

Bank of America Survivor Support

To report the death of a U.S. employee, retiree, or dependent you can contact their customer service phone number.

Bank of America Employee Resources at Home Life Event Services

For One-on-one support or if you’ve been impacted by a life event, you can reach the Bank of America Employees Resources at Home by sending a mail to for help and general support.

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