Bareboat Charter – How Much Does A Bareboat Charter Cost?

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What is Bareboat Charter? A bareboat charter is an arrangement for the hiring of a ship or a boat by a buyer to an owner’s dealer. However, hiring this type of ship means that the boat doesn’t come with a crew and there are no provisions included as part of the agreement.

Bareboat Charter - How Much Does A Bareboat Charter Cost?

Therefore, the people who will be renting the bareboat and its agreement are solely responsible for taking care of both the vessel and other essentials. If you are the type who wants to be on a getaway trip with just a small number of people. Then this is your type of boar for hire.

Furthermore, a bareboat charter is often generalized as a lease contract, a finance lease to be exact. It is only the charterer who handles its possession and other expenses like fuel, port expenses, P&I, and hull insurance.

What Is Needed For A Bareboat Charter Agreement?

Before the deal is done you can take your bareboat out to the waters. You have to first sign a Bareboat  Charter Agreement. This document is a legal contract that verifies that you understand what you should do. That is your responsibility.

However, before you can begin chartering or using the hired boat, there are certain things that will be included in the Bareboat Charter Agreement.  Some of the things required in a bareboat charter agreement include:

  • Information about insurance and indemnity
  • Cancellation procedure
  • Your personal details, like your passport number and emergency contacts
  • A list of all your passengers
  • Your responsibility for the running expenses decking i.e. docking fees, fuel, and so on
  • Arrival and departure dates.

There are many more requirements like such that are needed for you to understand your responsibility and that of the boat in your care. 

Why Should you choose a bareboat charter?

If you are looking to rent from wherever you are, you can be sure that it’s going to be you, maybe a small handful of people, and the vessel’s responsibility. So, in order to increase your experience in sailing, here are reasons why you should select a bareboat charter:

You can chart at your own course and pace

Aside from the relaxing view of the sea that you face while sailing, it is easier to rent a bareboat because of its comfort. You can choose to move at your own pace, stop when you want to stop, charge on if you’d like, and many more. Also, it allows you the opportunity to discover all hidden bays and coves, etc.

There Are No Boating License Required

Proceeding with this charter means that you will be doing all dealings without the requirement of a boating license. This is a much better deal, especially if you do not have the boating paperwork. You only have to ensure that your voyage is fun and you are also safe with yourself and the yacht.

You get your privacy

Chartering a bareboat offers you that luxury of privacy as it allows you to unwind from the daily stress that comes with the everyday hustle. So, chartering a bareboat offers you a type of solitude that regular hotels can’t even fix.

You get the choose the type of vessel

One of the best advantages of a bareboat charter is that you get to select the perfect vessel that’s right for you. That flexibility offered to you spoils you to make your own decisions in picking the vessel you want.

How Much Does A Bareboat Charter Cost?

If you are interested further in the Bareboat Charter, you must be curious about what the cost might be. Hiring a bareboat all depends on where you find it and the deals that they offer. However, the price to charter for a day or a couple of days at $178. The price for a couple per week could range from $1,250 upwards. Also, the charter fee for a week could be from $5,000 and above.

Where Can I Hire A Bareboat Charter?

There are tons of reliable places where you can get a bareboat charter and a good place to start would be placed near you. However, some companies where you can get a bareboat charter would be,,, etc.