Sea Freight – What it is and How Does it Works

Sea freight is another easy way of transporting large quantities of cargo or goods in bulk through cargo ships to other countries. While there are other forms of goods transportation to other different countries. Sea freight is one of the easiest ways to deal with all the large. As well as heavy goods that aren’t compatible with other transport forms.

Sea Freight - What it is and How Does it Works

What’s more, the goods are carefully wrapped and packaged into containers, the containers are loaded onto a vessel. And then, they are shipped to the designated country. In the 21st century we live in now, sea transportation is one of the most affordable ways and easiest ways to handle the transportation of goods.

Furthermore, sea freight is a transportation method that is used more by businesses. This is because this method is most preferred by them. Also, it is highly cost-effective especially when it comes to dealing with heavy products in bulk.

How does sea freight work?

Since it’s stated that sea freight is one of the most affordable ways to transport heavy goods to another country and is cost-effective, let’s look at how the process works.

So, if you have goods that you want to be shipped out to a designated location, the first and most important thing that you want to do is contact a shipping company. There are some legit big companies that you can get in contact with.

Now that you have contacted them, you should give them direct instructions about your product and the weight of your load. Also, you need to give them information on the type of goods you want to transport and the location of where you want your goods picked up.

Furthermore, if you want to send your goods to the shipping company itself, you can also do that yourself. If you want your goods to be picked up from your supplier, you can also do that but you only need to pay a small fee.

Who uses Sea Freight?

If you are a big company that needs the transportation of heavy, bulky goods transported to your country, you might want to make use of sea freights. Also, sea freights are also used by various people who want to import and export goods to and from around the world.  Sea freight is the best option for transporting large goods and is the ideal transportation for businesses.

Benefits Of Using Sea Freight

It is cost effective

You will find out that shipping heavy goods via sea freights is a more ideal way of transportation compared to other forms of transportation. Also, sea freight is six times more cost-effective than shipping with air freight of tax duty.


It is easier and safer to transport your goods to your country with safe freight as they transport hazardous cargo as well without an issue. This is also because the shipping crew is well-trained in dealing with such cargo and they also follow strict regulations.

Environment Friendly

Another thing that we cannot deny is that sea freight is also very environmentally friendly. This is because they consume lesser fuel than other shipping methods. This in turn also allows it to have a low carbon footprint. They are really eco-friendly.

It is the best option for heavy cargo

You might face difficulty with getting your heavy goods on other forms of transportation. This is because of the weight and the interference and damage it could cause. Luckily, that’s not an option with sea freight. You get to transport all your heavy loads, either machinery or liquid to your country at an affordable cost.

How Long Does Sea Freight Take?

Sea freights can take up to a week to 8 weeks and depending on the location and various other factors. Also, there are factors that influence the time taken for a cargo to be delivered to the destinated country.

Firstly, they have to go through customs in both ports. Also, the weather also factors in this equation, such as the type of goods, the carrier, the required documentation, etc. Moreover, you should look at the location as a huge factor since the importing country. Lastly, the shipping country is both distances away from each other.

How Much Does Sea Freight Cost?

The cost of sea freight when it comes to the delivery of your goods all depends on the deal struck between you and your shipping company. What you should know is that the cost of sea freight increases even more with every amount of responsibility your shipper has to deal with.

If you want the goods delivered to your doorstep, then you know it’s going to incur more cost. There are other various sea freight companies like Trans Asia Group, China Ocean Shipping company. Others include APM-Maersk, MSC-Mediterranean shipping company, and more that have valuable prices for you.