Best Family Locator Apps For 2024

The Best Family Locator Apps: We love to know and feel reassured that our family members are safe wherever they are and when they go out. This brings about the need for people to look for ways they can improve security around their loved ones, especially the young and older ones. Hence, many look for digital means of reliability that can reassure them of the whereabouts of loved ones.

Best Family Locator Apps

While a little scrutiny won’t hurt, it is important to realize that these are digital forms of solutions, as periodic calls to the person can become exhausting. So, there are family locator apps that help you stay updated on locations. What’s more, it is a form of modern and advanced technology that can easily work with everyone carrying a mobile phone.

How Does a Family Locator App Work?

The way a family locator app works is that it uses an aerial map to easily triangulate the location of another phone. As a user, you might see this all play out as a map. Also, it makes use of GPS technology to spot the location of another phone, and it does so easily and quickly. Generally, this gives you an idea of where the person is walking, staying, and such.

9 Best Family Locator App

While it is now easy for anyone to easily locate where their family members are with the help of tracking apps. It is very important that you select the best application that offers the best features and always delivers with speed. If you don’t have any idea where to start, here are some of the best family locator apps you should consider:

Life360 Family Locator

A really fantastic and considerable choice for a family tracking app is the Life360 Family Locator app. As long as you are online, you can always get an idea of where your family or even friends are. What’s more, it is convenient enough for you and others to send messages, share information, and more.

Some of its features include getting driving directions, a map of the route, having a history of location for the previous 2 days, and even having real-life assistance from anywhere and anytime. What’s more, this app is compatible with Android 8 and up, as well as Apple iOS 13. Also, you can subscribe to any pricing plan of the app to get started.

Glympse Location Store

The Glympse location store is among the best family locator applications you can use in this modern age. It works perfectly fine, allowing you to see the previous location of your friends or family and keep track of their present location.

Some of its best features include reliable GPS tracking, easy-to-understand and dynamic maps, notifying your kids how close you are to them in case of a pickup, letting your family or friends know when you’ve made it home, etc. What’s more, it also operates in the background, allowing it to operate other programs smoothly. Furthermore, you can get started with the pricing plan available, which is compatible with your iOS and Android devices.


Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps is another example of the best family locator app that delivers the best results. With over 200 million users and drivers putting their full trust in it, you could be among the many who get accurate readings and locations from the application.

The Sygic app gives you the accurate and present location of your friends and families. It also offers drivers an estimated arrival time for a direction when they share their route in real time. What’s more, the offline 3D maps are all stored on your phone for later GPS navigation. This means that you can work on it later without any internet connection.

FamiSafe Family Tracer

A great family locator application that you can trust is the FamiSafe Family Tracker app. Used by many, it has come to be recognized as a reliable tracking tool that also offers the best features. Many of the best features accessible to users are that it bans dubious websites, gives you the whereabouts of your children’s location, sets a screen time limit, looks out for suspicious photos, and many more.

What’s more, it also blocks suspicious users from communicating with you or whoever is uninvited. It works perfectly fine on both Android and iOS devices, and you can work with any of its pricing plans that suit you better.

Find My Friends

If you have a group of collective friends whom you care for really well and are determined to be informed of their whereabouts, this is the best locator app that you should use. Aside from your friend, it can also be used for family members, and it comes with a very simple user interface.

Furthermore, it comes with reliable features like sharing your locations with your friends via AirDrop, gives users notifications on locations, and comes with parental restrictions. Also, it supports 3D Touch and many more. What’s more, this tracking app is free to use and works perfectly well on the iPad, App Watch, and iPhone.

Sprint Family Locator

One of the best family locator apps that you should consider working with is the Sprint Family locator app. This is an application that makes it easy for a family member to navigate and follow the real positions of linked devices. Furthermore, it works well with top-notch features like a safety function, creates safe areas for your children, keeps you updated on the digital life of your family, and much more.

Also, you can easily locate up to four linked devices once you work with the available pricing plan of the tracking app. Also, it works really well on phones and tablets.

Spotline Family Locator

The Spotline family locator is one of the best tracking apps out there that you can also use to access the location of your family members. You have no need to worry when you make use of this tracking app. Many of its features include knowing the real-time locations of family members, accessing location history, being very secure and reliable, etc. Anyone can easily use this family locator app on their Android and iOS devices, as long as they work with the pricing plan that suits them.

Find My Kids

Just like the name of the application previews, this is one of the best family tracking apps you can use to know the accurate whereabouts of your children who are under 18. This is one way to always secure their whereabouts with the help of their smart phones. Coming fully equipped with a tracking tool, it has other features like receiving an immediate SOS signal from your child, viewing the location and history of your young children, tracking the battery life of the child’s phone, and many more. Moreover, you can start with their affordable pricing plan, which also works on Android and iOS devices.

AirDrop Family Tracker

Another great family tracking application you can use is the AirDrop family tracker. This is a reliable parental control app that keeps your family safe by allowing you to locate and know their whereabouts. Also, receive alerts when they arrive or leave a specific location, monitor the phone’s surroundings by watching and listening to their phones, and much more. Furthermore, anyone can easily use the tracking app on their iOS and Android devices and get started with the pricing plans available.


These are some of the best family locator apps that anyone can use to feel reassured about the location of their family members. While these apps are also options for friends, they do serve a greater purpose for family members as well.

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