Best Live Stream Platforms in 2023

Are you looking for the perfect platform to stream live? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best live-stream platforms that can be accessed for free.

Best Live Stream Platforms in 2023

No doubt, there are so many streaming platforms available online that you can use to get the best live stream ever. And streaming live enables you to watch a show as it is being done. Rather than watching something that is recorded. With the best live stream platforms, you can easily record live with ease and also have more people watching your show.

In addition, many broadcasters use this method as it enables them to reach out and interact with a lot of people across the globe. Now as a live streamer, what are the best live stream platforms you can stream on and also broadcast on? See them below.

5 Best Live Stream Platforms in 2023

In this section of the article, we will be outlining and discussing some of the best live-streaming platforms online. You definitely need to check them out:


You might have come across Twitch before. But then because you do not know what it is, you ignored it. But here’s a little you need to know on Twitch. Twitch according to research is an American video live-streaming platform that majorly focuses on video game live streaming. 

It also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and live streams. This platform is operated by twitch interactive and besides, and it is even one of the best platforms you can use to stream live.

However, aside from it being a live stream platform, it is also an on-demand platform that helps its users watch whatever they want directly from their game console or PC. So, you can also join other users to enjoy what Twitch offers by streaming live on Twitch.

YouTube Live

As a regular YouTube user, you would agree with me that YouTube is also a good platform to get the best live stream. The reason is, that a lot of people use and visit YouTube every day to watch one thing or the other.

So, you as a broadcaster could win over those people with your Live stream on YouTube using your YouTube channel. And also, you as a streamer could easily open the platform with just the app on your device and have no issue trying to find a way to access and use it.

Once you have a YouTube channel, I think it’s high time to start making live streams of something nice that you would love to share with people to build your subscribers. Also, if you want to stream, with YouTube Live, you would be able to get videos on demand.

Facebook Live

Facebook is also one of the best live stream platforms. Why? The platform is one of the most visited and used by people all around the world. It even allows users to share their content on Facebook as per the choice of friends and followers.

And this platform is a lot of people’s choice when it comes to streaming which I’m not excluded from. I can guarantee you that it’s one of the best though.

Using the platform, you would even experience real-time communication which helps its users know what their audiences are saying about their broadcasts. So, they can also improve. Moreover, you do not even have to pay to use this platform for live streaming.


You probably might have not heard of this platform before, but it’s a very good one. Dacast Launched in 2010 is a video live-streaming software that offers video on demand in even 4k quality.

The online video platform allows businesses to broadcast and host live video content. And it also offers both free and paid programming. Compared to other live stream platforms like Facebook or YouTube Live, Dacast is business to business platform.

And it offers you the best live stream you can ever get from several other platforms you would find online. Besides, you can find many of these platform users worldwide and even in China.

This platform offers a lot some of which include; classic video features, a functional interface that is very easy to use, and many more. So, you should use Dacast and enjoy a very good live stream.

IBM Cloud Video

You might be more familiar with USTREAM rather than IBM Cloud Video. However, they are on the same platform. IBM Cloud Video was formerly known as USTREAM. This Live stream platform is an American live video streaming company and is also a subsidiary of IBM. The platform allows users to broadcast their live events and also their shows online.

Moreover, it also has many social media buttons which you as a user can click on to get very fast interfacing. Also, advanced functionality is not left out. And this is to make your video-sharing task very easy for you. However, if you want to watch any video, you can also search for them using the tool without even having to log in.


All these above-discussed platforms are not only the best platforms we have on the internet today. There are however still more of them. And they include; Livestream, Brightcove, IRIS (Bambuser), Younow, Periscope, Restream, LinkedIn Live, and many more.

So, if you don’t seem to enjoy the above live stream platforms, you can stream live using any of these too as they are also one of the best on the internet.

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