Best Low-Interest Student Loans of 2024

Discovering and uncovering the best low-interest student loans is very important for reducing the financial burden involved with pursuing higher education. Unquestionably, loan interest loans provide students with affordable ways to cover living expenses, tuition, and books while they study.

Best Low-Interest Student Loans of 2024

However, when it comes to low interest rates, direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans are the best options. Apart from this, they offer excellent income-driven repayment plans and payment options as well. This is the perfect place to be if you are interested in applying for this type of student loan.

10 Best Low-Interest Student Loans

This is the guide you need to apply for and seek the best low-interest student loans. But just because I am recommending a few to you does not mean you should only take my word for it. In other words, you need to compare these best low-interest student loans first to find the best option for your needs. Here are a few that you can take into consideration while shopping:

  • PNC Bank
  • Sallie Mae
  • Citizens Bank
  • College Ave
  • SoFi
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loans
  • Ascent
  • Earnest
  • Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

1. PNC Bank

One of the lenders that offers low-interest student loans is PNC Bank. They also offer 0.50% discounts on their interest rate, and they have a 12-month payment reduction plan for borrowers who are going through economic hardship. However, you will not get an interest rate estimate without undergoing a hard inquiry.

2. Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is also one of the best-known student loan lenders. Although they have just one loan term available and no rate estimates are available with soft credit checks, you do not have to worry about origination fees. Additionally, the co-signer release is available after 12 monthly payments.

3. Citizens Bank

With a fixed APR of 4.48% to 13.29% and a variable APR of 6.38% to 14.28%, Citizens Bank is one of the best low-interest student loans that has made it on this list. There is no origination fee, and the maximum interest rate is under 10%. On the other hand, non-U.S. citizens are not eligible to apply. 

4. College Ave

Another low-interest student loan that you can consider is College Ave. Not only are they the best, but they also provide all-round loan products with special features for borrowers. Without a doubt, College Ave has a relatively high APR. Here are some good things about the platform: After a long-term period of 210 days, all unpaid loans will go into default, and you can also receive an interest rate estimate without a credit check.

5. SoFi

SoFi has a maximum APR higher than 10%, which makes some students disqualify it as a choice. Nevertheless, there are no late fees, and without a credit check, you can receive an interest rate estimate. Additionally, if you are a SoFi member, there are benefits you can enjoy.

6. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

Federal direct unsubsidized loans are one of the best low-interest student loans, but they come with origination fees. However, if you would like to get the lowest rate, you do not need a co-signer to secure one. They also offer low fixed interest rates and various forgiveness and repayment options.

7. Federal Direct Subsidized Loans

With low interest rates, interest subsidy during some particular periods, and different forgiveness and repayment options, federal direct subsidized loans are another option to consider. But this loan type comes with low annual loan limits and charges origination fees.

8. Ascent

One of the best low-interest student loans you need to check out is Ascent. This lender has a lot of good reviews, and they offer independent and co-signed loans. What’s more, if you are an international student with permanent residency or U.S. citizenship, you can apply with a co-signer.

9. Earnest

This is one of the best options for undergraduate students. They also have a lot of good reviews from customers and offer a 0.25% discount if you pay with AutoPay. What’s more, there are no prepayment penalties, late fees, or origination fees with Earnest. But you may need a cosigner if you want to apply.

10. Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is among the best low-interest student loans. Furthermore, they are quite popular for their low maximum APR and amazing reviews from new and existing customers. Apart from this, Rhode Island Student Loan Authority, also known as RISLA, has low interest rates and has income-based repayment plans. However, their services are not available for international students.

Tips for Comparing

When you are considering taking out a low-interest student loan, there are many things that you need to look at, and even beyond that. From the possible drawbacks to every loan term and benefit, here are some helpful tips you can put to use when considering a low-interest loan as a student:

  • Consider federal loans before private loans.
  • Understand the APRs.
  • Compare interest rates.
  • Check the eligibility requirements.
  • Make use of loan comparison tools.
  • Check the benefits and flexibilities of a loan.
  • Consider co-signers.
  • Think about future resources and support.
  • Look for charges, additional fees, and penalties.
  • Check the repayment terms.

Although this may be an exhausting process, it is worth it. With an understanding of the conditions, terms, and interest rates, you will have no trouble choosing the best loan for your financial and educational needs.


What are low-interest student loans?

Low-interest student loans are loans offered to students with interest rates below the average market rate, helping to reduce the overall cost of borrowing for education.

How do I qualify for low-interest student loans?

Qualification criteria vary by lender but typically include factors such as credit score, income level, and enrollment status. Some loans may require a cosigner if the borrower’s credit history is limited.

What is the typical interest rate for low-interest student loans?

Interest rates for low-interest student loans can vary but are generally lower than standard market rates. They may range from around 2% to 7%, depending on factors such as the lender, loan type, and the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Can I consolidate my student loans to get a lower interest rate?

Consolidating student loans can potentially lower your interest rate by combining multiple loans into a single loan with a fixed interest rate. However, it’s essential to consider the terms and any potential loss of benefits associated with federal loans before consolidating.

Are there any fees associated with low-interest student loans?

Some low-interest student loans may have origination fees or other charges associated with the application process. It’s crucial to review the terms and conditions of any loan carefully to understand all associated fees.

Can I refinance my student loans to get a lower interest rate?

Refinancing student loans involves taking out a new loan with a private lender to pay off existing student loans. This can potentially result in a lower interest rate, but it’s essential to consider the trade-offs, such as losing federal loan benefits and protections.

How do I find the best low-interest student loans?

Researching and comparing loan options from multiple lenders is crucial to finding the best low-interest student loans. Consider factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, borrower benefits, and customer service reputation when evaluating lenders.

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