Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria

What are the best shipping companies in Nigeria? If you are a business owner in Nigeria looking to enter the exportation business, the issue of selecting the right shipping company often arises and proves difficult. In this article, we will be giving you more insights into the best shipping companies in Nigeria that anyone can trust 100 percent.

A shipping company offers international transportation services where they collect your items and then deliver the shipments in a short period of time. They also offer more services like professional packaging, speed, reliability, duties and tax-bespoke services, tracking, and many more.

Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria

Furthermore, if you are an individual or business owner looking for the best shipping companies you can work with. There are various international shipping companies that can help you deliver all types of parcels, packages, and documents across the world. What’s more, they can get it all done within the minimum time of a week.

Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria

Here is a list of the best shipping companies that you can work with in Nigeria for shipping deliveries both locally and internationally:


DHL is a reputable and global shipping company with millions of users and good reviews under their belt. They are recognized globally and in Nigeria as well for being a market leader in the world of shipping companies. Furthermore, It is one of the best shipping companies that you can use in Nigeria for the shipping of your letters, packages, parcels, and so on.

In spite of all these, DHL does seem to be on the expensive side of shipping. But they are still reliable in shipping all your items to other countries with ease. If you are in Nigeria, you can deal with them by using the Nigerian brand at DHL Nigeria.

SkyNet Worldwide Express Nigeria

SkyNet is a more modern delivery company, but they can be highly trusted as they are a global delivery company and are reliable. It was first launched in 1972. They have been highly committed to their mission to consistently deliver all customers’ packages and items safely. Recently, SkyNet has further established its brand by carrying out shipping operations in over 209 countries. And they also have over a thousand offices located around the world.

If you are in Nigeria, you can work with the SkyNet Express shipping company to always deliver the best logistics services to you. Furthermore, this shipping company expanded to the point where they now do parcel delivery, door-to-door mail, and international services. So, you can trust this shipping company to always deliver your packages worldwide.

Fortune Global Shipping

Another great shipping company that you can trust in Nigeria for all your international deliveries is Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Limited Company. This is one shipping company that has also established bases in over a hundred countries. Moreover, Fortune Global Shipping Company also offers many other logistics services to its customers in Nigeria.

These services range from top-notch logistic services to parcel deliveries, as well as specializing in satisfying the needs of their customers.Furthermore, you can trust this shipping company to always deliver your packages anywhere internationally and manage shipments.


CourierPlus is another top-notch shipping company that you can trust with any of your international deliveries. Also, they provide door-to-door logistics services to all their customers, and they deliver to over 230 countries.

Furthermore, you can trust this shipping company to transit all your packages or goods from Nigeria to anywhere else on the global map. They are 100 percent reliable, and over millions of users utilize the services of this company. If you are even new to all this, CourierPlus gives you more insight on local oversights at thousands of destinations to make your shipping easy.

FedEx Express

If you want to recognize one of the top pioneers in the shipping and delivery business, FedEx Express is one of the shipping companies that rank that list. They are a trustworthy, reliable, and fast shipping company. And they operates locally and internationally in about 220 countries around the world.

FedEx is easily recognizable as one of the best, top, and fastest shipping companies that you can trust and work with, especially in Nigeria. What’s more, you could have your package or parcel delivered to its direct destination within one to three working days. Also, you can even track your package with FedEx using the package’s tracking number in Nigeria.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

A global and top-notch shipping company that you can trust and rely on in Nigeria is UPS. UPS reliably offers its courier and logistics services to many in Nigeria and worldwide as well. Also, they have an official office or presence in almost every part of the world.

Furthermore, there are millions of Nigerians who make use of the UPS courier and logistics service to get their packages delivered. So, you can trust the services offered by this shipping company, and it will all be seamless and hassle-free.


If you are looking for a reliable shipping company that you can trust in Nigeria to get your shipments done, you could always consider using Sendbox. Sendbox offers to all its users local and international deliveries for either business or personal use. What’s more, Sendbox will charge you a custom delivery fee based on the weight and route of your package.

Furthermore, as a Nigerian, you can easily sign up on their business platform, which allows you to create a free online store. You can easily start selling products and receiving payments when a purchase is made. So, you can see that you could also use the Sendbox platform for business as well as shipping.

AB Logistics

If you are looking for an affordable shipping company that you can work with in Nigeria, then you should consider AB Logistics. The AB Logistics company is one of the cheapest shipping companies in Nigeria. Plus, they also offer this for door-to-door deliveries. Aside from affordable delivery rates, they also offer the best logistics and delivery services, as well as customer satisfaction. Additionally, you could use this shipping company to send invitations, documents, parcels, and more.

GIG Logistics

Another popular and highly recommended shipping company that you can use in Nigeria is GIG Logistics. They are well known for their quick and efficient courier services, mostly within Nigeria. With their large presence within multiple cities in Nigeria and worldwide, it will be so easy for you to trust your shipping process with GOG logistics.Furthermore, they also offer multiple services like international couriers, e-commerce logistics services, pay-on-delivery services, and many more.

Maersk Nigeria Limited

Another top-rated shipping company that you can trust and that is also highly recommendable to you is Maersk Nigeria Limited. This shipping company offers the best, excellent, and top-notch services concerning local and international shipping.

In addition, they are up and fully functional in over 130 countries with the help of 65,000 employees. What’s more, Maersk Shipping Company has set very high standards when it comes to international deliveries from Nigeria. They also offer services like freight forwarding digital solutions, supply chain services, cargo and shipping services, and many more.


Exporting outside of Nigeria is now very easy with these shipping companies. However, before you go to any shipping company in Nigeria, make sure you find out about their shipping rates, transit times, and customer reviews. Once you have gotten this information, you can now reach out to the shipping company directly or visit their website.

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