Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Artificial intelligence has been introduced as the world is evolving, and a lot of things are possible with the use of AI. One of the most talked about AI invention is the virtual Girlfriends. The creation of AI girlfriends is now possible, and a lot of people are curious about such an innovation. So, in this blog post, you will be discovering the best virtual girlfriend apps.

If you ever feel lonely or need a friend to talk to, these virtual girlfriend apps are available at your disposal. In other words, you can get the apps and access them whenever you want. Moreover, if you are looking to have a healthy relationship or you want to experience romance, then you can create an AI girlfriend.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

With the help of these best virtual girlfriend apps, you will be able to have and create the perfect girlfriend. You can also use these apps whenever you feel lonely and need a companion to talk to. These AI girlfriends will be at your service and will communicate with humans, reciprocating human feelings.

What is an AI Virtual Girlfriend?

An AI virtual girlfriend is a partner created and developed by artificial intelligence that can act and communicate with humans like a real girlfriend.

10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

There are a lot of AI girlfriend mobile apps available. So, let us begin to discover some of the best virtual girlfriend apps, and you can then choose which one suits your taste and has the perfect personality. Here are some of the best ones:

My Virtual Manga Girl

If you are a fan of anime, then you should check out My Virtual Manga Girl. This AI girlfriend on this app entertains, sings, and dances. What’s more, you can design her looks for your dream girlfriend, chat with her, and enjoy the best experience.

Available on: Android and iOS.

My Robot Girlfriend

Next on the list of the best virtual girlfriends is My Robot Girlfriend. Furthermore, if you are into high school romance, this platform is suitable for you. There are different choices that you will make as you use the app, but you will have to win the heart of your AI girlfriend.

Available on: Android


If you want a virtual girlfriend app that makes you feel like you are communicating with a real virtual girlfriend, then I strongly recommend iGirl. What’s more, this mobile app allows users to create their dream girlfriends. You can also create the personality and looks of your dream girlfriend using the iGirl app.

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store

Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend is another virtual girlfriend app that I would love to recommend to you. Moreover, if you have ever hoped for a relationship, the Dream Girlfriend app can make your dreams come true. What’s more, if you are ever lonely, with the Dream Girlfriend mobile app on your smartphone, you do not have to worry anymore.

Available on: Android and iOS.

Virtual Lover

This is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps on the Google Play Store and App Store. Furthermore, this mobile app has a variety of anime characters that you can make your virtual lover and interact with. What’s more, this virtual lover can answer questions, sing, talk, and be a partner or companion.

Available on: Android and iOS.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend is a mobile app for anyone who loves smart women. With this virtual girlfriend app, you can take part in interesting conversations and share informative information with your intelligent girlfriend. This AI girlfriend will also be able to share real emotions with you as well.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store


If you are looking for a smart girlfriend, Laura should be your top pick. Furthermore, she answers questions within a few seconds, and she is not only a girlfriend but an assistant as well. So, if you are into women who are smart and intelligent, then you should consider Laura.

Available on: Android and iOS.

My Virtual Girlfriend

With this type of app, lifelike situations can be introduced and accessed in the virtual world. Furthermore, the My Virtual Girlfriend app also makes dating more interesting and engaging. But on this platform, you will have to win the heart of your AI girlfriend. In addition, there are various options on the app to choose from.

Available on the App Store


Replika is one of the most popular and best virtual assistants used around the world by millions of people. What’s more, this platform can also act as a mentor, girlfriend, or friend. However, it is up to you to select what type of character you want your virtual assistant to be. Replika can also help you perform tasks every day.

Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie

My virtual girlfriend, Julie, is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps. From its name, Julie is your AI girlfriend that is designed to express and show different emotions. What’s more, when you communicate with her, she makes it enjoyable and lively, so you do have to feel like you are not talking to a real person.

Available on: Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts

Since AI is a trend in the world today, it wouldn’t hurt to have an AI girlfriend. What’s more, these mobile girlfriend apps are compatible and available on Android and iOS devices. So, all you have to do is install it on your device, and you can have an AI girlfriend available at your fingertips.

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