Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

There are multiple web hosting services in Nigeria that offer you the best service for your brand and your website as well. With so many business owners creating a website where they can display their products and services to their customers, the use of a reliable web hosting company helps your business website function at its best.

If you are also looking for reliable web hosting in Nigeria where you can display your services and products, there are many available options that you can select from. In this article, we will outline some of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria to make use of.

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

It is however, worth noting that web hosting is the process where your contents, information, and files are stored. Also, these are features that make up the term of web hosting on your business website. Check out the next outline for some of the features of web hosting in Nigeria.

Features of Web Hosting in Nigeria

As long as you have a business website where you display your products, you will need the help of web hosting to fully transform the functionality of your webpage. Here are some of the best features and reasons why web hosting is important in Nigeria:

Customer Support

If you are running your site and come across a serious error where maybe your site suddenly breaks. This and other issues are detrimental to your website. Whatever issues or errors may occur on the website. You will need the help of customer support teams that can put you through. What’s more, the customer support is reliable enough to help you get it fixed as well as up and running smoothly.

Backup of Site Content

As mentioned previously, web hosting also follows the process of helping you backup your site’s content. If you get a lot of work done on your site, there are irreparable cases where you lose important files. Also, they might have been deleted accidentally, faced a hacking issue, or worse. This is why the use of web hosting is important, as it helps you backup these files. You could be having your files backed up every 24 hours.


There are cases as well where a security breach gains headway into your website, and this is a serious issue that causes total crashing of the site. What’s even more frustrating is the fact that you will no longer be in charge of your company’s data security. However, the issue of website security is easily fixed when you use web hosting. They further strengthen the security perimeters of your website and more.


In the case of launching your business website, you will need a service that ensures your website stays active, reliable, and trustworthy to the customers that visit it. This is why you need a reliable service that ensures your website stays that way. Furthermore, a reliable host will work to ensure your business website isn’t overrun with hosting-based issues. Also, prevent them from happening in the future.

What Are the Types of Web Hosting in Nigeria?

Generally, there are various types of web hosting that anyone interested in affiliating this with their website can use. What’s more, web hosting serves the purpose of being a storage facility for your website. Along with that, they also offer server speed, storage control, capacity, and more. Here are the types of web hosting available that you can also use in Nigeria:

Dedicated web hosting

This type of web hosting grants website owners the chance to have major control over the server on which their website is stored. This is also because that server is rented, and your website is the only one stored on it. With this type of web hosting, you don’t have to worry about other websites sharing the server and slowing it down.

Shared Hosting

For new beginners with new websites looking to migrate to web hosting, they mostly make use of shared hosting styles. For this type of web hosting, a lot of websites are on shared servers and hosts. Also, for this type of web hosting plan, all domains will share server resources like CPU,RAM, etc. Moreover, this type of web hosting comes at a low price compared to others.

Cloud Hosting

For this type of web hosting, cloud hosting is a virtual server that is basically made of physical servers. This type of web hosting means that if one server fails, there is another server that can take its place. For this reason alone, it means that it is more reliable and is more able to handle traffic, as well as allow users to use as many resources as they need.

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Here are some of the best web hosting companies that you can trust in Nigeria:

Gitservers Ng

Gitservers Ng is one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria that is also reliable and affordable. They are also recognized for their genuine technical support services, and they also offer services like SSL certificates, VPS, domain name registration, cheap web hosting services, and more.

WebManager Ng

Owned by Bazecity Media Ltd.,  WebManager Ng is another great choice for a web hosting company in Nigeria. They are also popularly recognized for their fast and reliable servers, great hosting services, excellent server performance, and many more. What’s more, they also offer the best services in WhatsApp chat, phone call support, live chat, great technical support, and more.


DomainRacer is another great choice of web hosting provider available in Nigeria. Furthermore, the DomainRacer web hosting provider also offers services to clients such as VPS hosting, LMS hosting, shared hosting, high security upgrades, affordable web hosting costs, a free SEO default tool, a free SSL certificate, a budget-friendly interface, and many more.


Located in Abuja, Smart Web Nigeria Limited is also one of the best web hosting providers that offers web hosting services and more to their customers. Additionally, they offer other services that include cloud services for over 100 sites, affordable domain registration, 24/7 premium customer support service, and many more.

Truehost Cloud

Another of the best web hosting providers in Nigeria is Truehost Cloud Web Hosting. Since the launch of their company and services in 2016, they have offered many other services, such as LiveChat, domain name registration, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, an affordable hosting plan, Windows hosting, and technical customer support.


In conlcusion, These are some of the best web hosting providers available in Nigeria who offer a wide range of online services and more.

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