Bicycle Rental Cape Town South Africa

What are the best Bicycle rental services in Cape Town? If you are in South Africa, either as a local or a Tourist, many are curious to try out the exciting sport of cycling. Moreover, there are wonderful trails anyone can cycle through and have a good time. So, if this is something that you want to try out, then you are in good spirits.

Bicycle Rental Cape Town South Africa

Furthermore, there are Rental services in Cape Town that offer you the opportunity to cycle those trails with a rented bicycle. So, let’s get started on the Rental platforms you can try out.

Bicycle Rental Websites In South Africa, Cape Town

While you are in Cape Town, South Africa, you might be introduced to local places where you can hire this vehicle. However, there are other options that you can consider. If you are looking to rent bicycles in South Africa or in Cape Town, there are reliable online websites where you can do so with ease. Here are some of the best bicycle rental websites you can rent from in Cape Town:


This is an online website that provides you with great opportunities and experiences in cycling. In addition, every bike you rent will come with a helmet, spare tube, pump, and safety light. Their Bike rental rates are as follows:

 1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 daysDelivery and Collection 
Sola 2R350R700R900R1150R1550R1800R2100Cape Town and its environsR375
Sola 3R300R600R850R1100R1350R1650R1900StellenboschR375
Spectra CompR250R500R700R950R1150R1350R1600StellenboschR375
Spectra Comp SER300R600R850R1100R1350R1650R1900FranschoekR375
Strela 2R300R600R850R1100R1350R1650R1900  
Siablo CompR350R700R900R1150R1550R1800R2100Bike Trailer (fits 18 bikes)R400/day
The table depicts an estimated range for the services.

Bicycle Hire For Bicycle Rental

This is another great online website where you can hire bicycles while you are on vacation in South Africa. Furthermore, Bicycle Hire works with the company’s mission to provide tourists on trips or holidays with the best arrangements during such occasions. Along with having a solid mission, they have many other unique features that make them stand out. Some of such features and services include:

  • Hostels and self-catering accommodations are available
  • Package deals are available for big savings
  • Their services are highly convenient
  • You can speak to a person in South Africa who will handle all your bike rental, accommodation, and airport shuttle needs for you
  • Accommodation offerings that suit the renting cyclist
  • Premium, well-maintained bicycles are available
  • Provision of all the best Cape Town routes and trails
  • You will have your bicycle waiting for you when you arrive
  • They also have guided Bike tours
  • And many more.

This online website is a great option that you should really consider if you want to hire bicycles. To get started with them, you can visit their official website at

iRide Africa For Bicycle Rental

While you are in Cape Town, you can easily rent bicycles on your trip from iRide Africa online. They are another online website where you can get the best cycling opportunities provided to you, along with the best bikes to go along with them. With over 13 years of service, they have satisfied over 8,000 customers, and you can rest assured that you count.

In addition to this, they offer bicycle rentals to customers, and the rental includes a basic toolkit, helmet, and pedals of your choice.  You can hire premium bikes from iRide Africa, such as Premium carbon road bikes, Hardtail mountain bikes, Aluminum road bikes, and Mid-range carbon road bikes. To start the process with them, you can visit their official website at

Up Cycles

Up Cycles is a unique platform that also offers the best services when it comes to bicycle rentals. They also pride themselves on being Cape Town’s first drop-and-go bicycle rental company. Aside from having an online site where people can visit and work things out, they also have stations where you can head first.

Firstly, you will arrive at any Up Cycle station, complete the process of selecting your bike choice and paying, and then ride the bicycles through trails and routes in Cape Town. After riding until your fee is due for your ride, you can then proceed to return the bike.

You can return the bike to any Up Cycles station you’re nearest to. The Up Cycles rental company has stations at Silo 5 at the V&A Waterfront Silo District, Camps Bay, the Bay Hotel on the Victoria Road strip, and the Pavilion on the Sea Point Promenade. You can get started with them on their official website at

Cape Town Cycle Hire

Cape Town Cycle Hire is another awe-inspiring platform where you can easily rent bicycles for cycling in Cape Town. They offer you not only high-spec bike options but also the best services. In addition, they deliver and collect all bikes at no charge from Cape Town CBD to Camps Bay. As mentioned, they have really great bike options that you can select from, and you can do that from their website.

Furthermore, they also have their bicycle rental service located close to the V and A Waterfront, Table Mountain, Clifton, and Camps Bay beaches, The 2010 World Cup stadium in Greenpoint, and the Green Market Square. To get started with them, you can visit any of their physical locations or visit their official website at

Is Cape Town Good For Cycling?

If you find yourself in this luscious capital of South Africa, that’s definitely a good site for you to cycle. The use of bicycles, even in cycle groups, is being highly encouraged by local authorities as well. This is to promote the decrease of cars and traffic buildup. Additionally, there are multiple bike lanes that run across the city and even off-road.

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