Big Fish Games – Get Free Games for PC, Mobile, iPhone, Android | Big Fish Games Online

Big fish is a game portal for gamers, this includes both PC, mobile, and online games. There are millions of games up for download in the big fish games online section. As said by Wikipedia Big fish Games is a gaming company based in Seattle Washington United States. This is a multi-function community that serves both developers and game distributors. Free Big fish games are available on computer  (PC) and mobile devices. As said by Wikipedia Big fish games Casino started way back in 2002. By Paul Thelen and they now have over 500 people who are currently employed.

Big Fish Games - Get Free Games for PC, Mobile, iPhone, Android | Big Fish Games Online

The Big Fish games free company started with $10,000 in 2002 and Thelen was the big fish games online free company manager who launched the realAcade games service for the real network in 2009. It was said that the company was later acquired on 12th 2014 by Churchill down incorporated. This was with a total of $885 million. Amazing games in which you can find in find the website includes jackpot magic slots, rdr2 biggest fish, hidden expedition amazon, chip hungry big fish casino, and more.

Big Fish Games Web Platform

The Big Fish Games online for free web portal is fully loaded with millions of games up for downloads. This is not just restricted to downloads only there are also online games for users who want to play games online. If you are a gamer why not check out the games on the web portal. There is various menu tab such as.

  • PC Games.
  • Mac Games.
  • Online Games.
  • iPad & iPhone Games.
  • Android Games.

A user can access these Big Fish games for free menus and get all their favorite games that run well on their device. Every device has its own special menu section for games that are compatible to work on their device. Let take at each menu tabs.

Big Fish Games For PC

As said earlier on this is gaming portal for games. A user can easily get access to all their favorite games on this platform. There are special sections for every device on web portal. If you are visiting this portal for the first time here is how you can access the PC games section.

How to Download PC Games on

  1. Visit the web portal by entering the web address in the address bar as
  2. Click on the PC games icon at the top left menu section.
  3. Select the category in which the game falls in or browse big fish PC games by genre at the right section on the drop down menu
  4. Click on the download icon to start downloading the game.

Once you have downloaded the game you can install by clicking on the setup you downloaded. Note that there are also paid games that users have to pay for. If your PC runs on Mac OS you need to click on Mac games just after the PC games icon. You can also download big fish games free download for Mac using the above steps. But always take note of what platform you are downloading the game for.

Big Fish Online Games has made it possible and easy that users don’t have to download games before playing anymore. They can now play their favorite games online using their web browser. This is the online games section on big fish games web portal. Online games have really made compatible issues lesser. This is because users don’t need a particular device to play any game of their choice. They can access and play the game right with their web browser.

There is no need to download or install any file. All you need is to launch your web browser and log on to the big fish games official website. And click on the online games menu on the main menu at the top section. Select the category the game falls in and click on the play now icon to start playing. But note the in other to play online games you need to be a registered member. You need to sign up for a Big fish games account.

How to Sign Up for Big Fish Games Account

  1. Launch your web browser and enter in the address bar section.
  2. Click on the sign in icon at the top right section just above the search bar.
  3. Select i am a new customer option and fill in your personal information below.
  4. Enter your email, password, and username.
  5. Click on the create account option to complete the sign up process.

You login to your account every now and then. This will also give you access to play online games on this portal. Take note signing up is free and open to everyone. This is one of the biggest gaming communities.

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