Fellowships For Graduate Students

Fellowships for graduate students are usually competitive awards that offer financial assistance to students pursuing advanced degrees, specifically at the master’s or doctoral level.

Fellowships For Graduate Students

Graduate students can greatly benefit from certain fellowships that would help rebuild and shape their academic achievements.

Fellowships for graduate students can stem from various sources, such as universities, private foundations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

These fellowships often cover students’ tuition fees and living expenses, which allow students to focus on their studies and conduct research without financial constraints.

If you’re a graduate student in search of a fellowship to join, worry less. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list that contains some of the renowned fellowships that graduate students can benefit from.

Students are advised to review their distinctive features and apply for a fellowship that suits their academic needs and priorities.

Fellowship For Graduate Students

Fellowship opportunities vary, depending on certain criteria and an individual’s academic merit, research interests, and geographical background.

Highlighted below are common types of fellowships that graduate students should be on the lookout for.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

The full bright student program in the US allows students to conduct individual study and research projects that would take place during their one-year academic study in countries outside the United States.

They give awards to exceptional students in over 140 countries. Students who possess degrees in BA/BS, graduates, doctoral degrees, and young professionals can apply for this fellowship.

The application should be done through their intuition or the official website. Former students can also apply through the alma mater or at large.

CyberCorp Scholarships For Service

This is a remarkable and unique program that is specifically designed to increase the number of federal information assurance professionals that protect the critical information infrastructure of the government.

They offer scholarships to full-time students by providing financial support that helps cover tuition fees and other related educational expenses.

Students who belong to this fellowship receive stipends for living expenses. While $20,000 goes to undergraduate students, $32,000 is given to students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Scholarships award scholarship opportunities to outstanding students who reside outside of the UK.

They provide financial assistance that enables students to pursue a postgraduate degree in their chosen field of study at the University of Cambridge.

Students are being selected based on their intellectual ability, leadership skills and qualities, engagement in community services, and commitment to improving their society.

Marshall Scholarships

The Marshall Scholarships provide financial support to young Americans who have an excellent academic record. This gives them the opportunity to pursue a degree in the United Kingdom.

Yearly, this scholarship scheme selects a minimum of 40 students to study in the UK in their chosen field of study.

However, candidates who intend to apply for this scholarship program must be a US citizen or a permanent resident, and you must also have obtained a GPA of 3.7 or above in your undergraduate degree.

Zuckerman Fellowship

The Zuckerman Fellows Program offers opportunities to students who aspire to pursue a degree in law, medicine, or business.

They provide financial support that covers the recipient’s tuition and health insurance fees, including a stipend of $17,000 for a year.

With its holistic approach, students who belong to this fellowship stand a chance to gain a lot of benefits.

The Zuckerman Foundation allows its recipients to participate in co-curricular programs that would help reshape their future.

GEM MS Engineering And Science Fellowship Program

The primary aim of the GEM fellowship program is to enhance participation in engineering and science courses by granting opportunities to students who come from underrepresented communities.

The support provided enables students to pursue graduate degrees in engineering and science. This ultimately helps increase the number of students enrolled in engineering and science-related courses.

Students who belong to this fellowship receive a living stipend of $4,000 per semester, two paid summer internships, and a full tuition fee.

Applicants who wish to apply for this program must be a US citizen or a permanent resident.

Graduate Fellowships For STEM Diversity

The Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity offer fellowships to students pursing courses in physical sciences and engineering.

They offer loads of benefits to fellows. These benefits include coverage of tuition fees and other educational expenses, two paid summer internships with a government agency, research, and teaching. During their internship, students will also be provided with a mentor who will serve as a guide throughout their course of study.

The graduate fellowship for STEM diversity usually lasts for up to six years. And they provide $20,000 in annual stipends to students. This adversely helps to alleviate financial burden and cater to the basic needs of students during their course of study.

In conclusion, these are just a few fellowships for graduate students. Interested individuals can visit the website of any of these programs to review their requirements and eligibility criteria and then proceed with the application. Alternatively, you can explore additional options available online. Best of luck!

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