BitBox – IoT Security Solution For All Connected

BitBox – internet of Things Security Device
The internet of things (IOT) comprises of nonliving objects that can sense and communicate with each other. These things make use of data in other to communicate.

Let’s take for instance I own a smartphone that goes with me everywhere I go. This device can be used to process lots of information like pictures, videos, web browsing outlets, GPS location, financial information, and lots more.

IoT Security Solution For All Connected – (IOT) Security Issues

A thing in IoT is a thing that is on the internet that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  If you think that everything on the internet is safe then you are making a really big mistake. The issue is the security and privacy implications that this has in the life of the users

All this data process by my smartphone is locally stored on our devices and they are also stored on a cloud storage system where a user can access them at any time.

Privacy of this data is not guaranteed as this information can also be reached by hackers. Sensitive data from cloud storage can also lick into the wrong hands.

This brings us to our everyday used devices like a thermostat, alarm clocks, refrigerators, activities trackers, and light bulbs. Are built with high-end sensor technology that processes data on their own. And send high-end signals to other devices.

The internet of things makes us of cloud storage to store data just as most IoT devices are usually small and don’t have a storage device. There are new devices that store and protect your data sent by an IoT device.

The BitBox – IoT Security Solution Storage Device

This is a device that helps to put power back to your hands. The BitBox is designed to connect with all your exiting IOT devices. The BitBox securely collects data from your IOT device and back them up with an encrypted code.

It transfers data only within your network with each data encrypted individually. This data on the BitBox can only be accessed by only the primary user. Any unauthorized user that tries to access this data we have to decrypt each data one by one.

With BitBox user can create his own circle just like that of Google pulse. You can create a personal, Family, Professional or even medical circle.

To let your physician track your health with the help of IOT devices. With BitBox you we always be in control of your privacy. As no institution can protect your privacy better than you.

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