Country Phone Codes – Gmail Country Code For Mobile Number

Gmail Country Phone Codes For Mobile Number on your Gmail account is widely in use with millions of users around the globe. As a user when you sign up for a new account setting information where required. In order to set up your user account on this platform. These are basic information about you such as Address, Full name and mobile number.

This detailed information most time is used as verification means. now makes use of the mobile numbers as means of verification. It’s highly recommended that you enter your accurate mobile number and country you are in.

If you have used or enter wrong information on the country you are in. Or you have relocated to another country for a particular reason. This feature on settings to change and set default Country Phone Codes for mobile numbers.

Select Country Phone Codes On 

  1. Login to your account or read our Gmail login tips on how to login.
  2. Click on the setting icon at the top right corner of your inbox.
  3. On the general window look for phone numbers
  4. Where you see default Country Phone Codes select a country from the drop down menu.
  5. Once you have successfully sleeted a country click on save button at the bottom of the page.

By completing the above steps you have successfully selected a default Country Phone Codes for your mobile number. There are also some popup actions by to confirm these changes made on your settings. Before now must have selected a county for you based on your preference and information provided as at the time you sign up.

This is also ideal for people who happen to change their location. This is more like handy and easy to change there is no restriction to this setting in as much that you provide the right login information when logging in to your account.

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