Charter Boat South Africa

What is a charter boat in South Africa? Will I be lucky enough to charter one for the best experience on the waterfront? Chartering a boat is a really great way to experience the new and exciting thrills of a sailing trip. The best part is that it can last for a week or even longer when you are ready for it. Additionally, it is just like taking a cruise when the time feels right to get an exhilarating feeling.

Charter Boat South Africa

What’s more, when you rent a boat charter, this gives you and your group of family or friends an exclusive and private theme to explore, have fun, and create memories.

There are lots of charter boats one can acquire while they are in South Africa. Doing so gives you the flexibility to do what you want, where you want to tour in South Africa, and for how long you plan to do it.

What Is A Charter Boat Called?

Another word you can use to describe a Charter boat is yacht charter, and this is also a rental where you can live on it for a specific period of time. It depends on how much it costs for a day and how long you want to stay. Furthermore, there are also two main types of charter: skippered and bareboat. A bareboat charter means that the client will have to skipper the boat all on his or her own.

On the other hand, a skippered charter means you rent or hire both the boat and a crew.

Is A Charter Boat A Yacht?

In some way, it is. The boats for charter are usually bigger, either sailing boats or motor yachts. This type of vehicle is recognized for its size and features, which are designed for the comfort of clients who plan to have longer stays aboard.

Where Can I Visit To See Charter Boats For Hire?

A really great place to work with and visit to get more information about what you want is the internet. Many of these Charter boats carry their businesses online for more visibility and you can hack this method to source one.

Furthermore, these businesses or companies have online websites that help them broaden the scope of their charter boats. Some platforms that you can visit to browse through options for charter boats or yachts are:

  • BednBlue
  • Get My Boat
  • Private Yacht Charters
  • Waterfront Charters
  • Ocean Image Boat Rentals
  • Trip Advisor

So, whether you want to charter one individually or for a group setting, there are various options available on the platforms, including prices per rate or hour.

How Long Does A Charter Boat Last?

If it is an individual charter, it can go on for as long as a week or a total of ten days minimum. However, in other cases, many choose to charter for several weeks, some even leading up to a month. Still, you can inquire from your yacht or boat broker or company on how long one can stay.

Going further, if you are in South Africa and longing to experience quality time on the sea, I have given you the best boat charter in South Africa, whom you can contact to get this service.

Ideal Boat Charter Service In South Africa

For any sailing experience you want to acquire while in South Africa, there are still unique choices that you can consider. The list I will give below also includes other options for charter boats that you can consider:

Yacoob Yachts Charter Boat South Africa

The Yacoob yachts specialize in offering sunset cruises, sailing charters, and boat trips to their customers, all the way from the V&A Waterfront down in Cape Town.  As well as being highly professional, they are really good at providing cruising experiences with powerful vessels that top international standards. You can learn more about them when you visit their official website at and browse through their page. This is one of the places you can charter a boat in South Africa without stress.

Waterfront Charters

Waterfront Charters also excels at providing the best sailing experiences to customers. They have luxurious vessels that offer you smooth sailing as well as wonderful experiences that will simply relax you. Even though the link is also imbedded in this article above, you also visit their official website at

Nomad Yacht Charters

This is another company that specializes in boat charters and will be of great service to you. When you work with Nomad Yacht Charters, you have a plethora of options at your fingertips. You can decide to go on shorter or longer trips, cruises, or even courses. You will be sure to gain a wealth of wonderful experiences when you work with Nomad Yacht Charter.

Springtide Sailing Charters Charter Boat South Africa

To gain a wonderful experience sailing across a beautiful landscape while enjoying the beauty of the yacht and its surroundings, choose the Springtide sailing charters. There are a wide variety of luxurious vessels that will meet and exceed your sailing expectations. To get started, you can visit their official website at to learn more.