Chinese Lunar New Year 2022 – How Long is Chinese New Year 2022 | When is Chinese New Year 2022

The Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration otherwise known as the spring festival will also be celebrated in 2022. Just like other past years, the Chinese Lunar New Year for 2022 will be greater and even more fantastic. Besides, a lot has happened in 2021 and the best time of the year to pray and reunite with our friends and families is the Lunar New Year. Aside from praying for a better year and reuniting with your families and friends, other activities are also performed on that day.

Chinese Lunar New Year 2022 - How Long is Chinese New Year 2022 | When is Chinese New Year 2022

In 2022, the Chinese Lunar New Year has been set to commence officially on Tuesday, 1st of February 2022. The year has been declared the year of the “Tiger” based on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. However, traditional Chinese Lunar New Year activities will commence early to prepare for New Year’s eve. Some of these activities and traditions range from cleaning and decorating your house, shopping for new dresses, and a lot more. Chinese New Year is a major festival and everyone is looking forward to the 2022 Celebration. You can start planning and preparing ahead for the celebration now.

Chinese Lunar New Year Tradition

The Chinese New Year Celebration is a notable and important event in china. It is a religious and cultural celebration as People get to pay homage to their ancestors. According to their tradition, each year comes with its own Zodiac Sign. For instance, the Animal Zodiac Sign for the 2021 Lunar New Year was OX. However, the Zodiac Animal Sign for the 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year is Tiger. It represents braveness, strength, and more. Children born in the Year of Tiger are believed to have these qualities in them. Other Zodiac animal sign includes; Rabbit, Rat, Dragon, Goat, Dog, Pig, Snake, Horse, Monkey, Rooster.

Another tradition is that people get to clean and decorate their homes with beautiful decorations. Different dishes are prepared and a Family dinner also takes place to help reunite the family. Many people visit the temple or stay at home to pray for the year ahead. Children get to receive gifts items and money from elders. The Chinese Lunar New Year is a fun and interesting Holiday that you all need to look forward to.

When is the Lunar New Year 2022 and how long will it last?

The official date for the Chinese New Year for 2022 is Tuesday 1St of February. However, most times the date of the festival changes as the Lunar New Year celebration is decided based on the cycles of the moon and sun. But generally, the holiday usually falls from January 21st through February 20th.  The Holiday is said to last for 7 days starting from the Lunar New Year Eve to the sixth day of the calendar.

Most companies and organizations like Banks, close for the holiday while others stay open. The schools are not left out, as they also embark on holidays to allow children to enjoy the holiday with their friends, families, and relatives. It is worthy to note that, the Lunar Holiday for 2022 is not only celebrated in Chinese but in other Asian countries. Such countries include; Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and more.  The Lunar New Year Holiday in these regions and countries takes 1 to 3. Also, their traditions and dates are different from that of China.

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