Chinese New Year – What Year is 2022 Chinese New Year | Chinese Lunar New Year 2022

Do you know that the Chinese New Year does not fall on the 1st of January but on the 1st of February and goes on for a minimum of 16 days? The Chinese celebrate their new year with lots of food honoring ancestors and the color red.  The Chinese call their New Year’s eve a lantern festival and all the working population in the Chinese get 7 days off from their work in order to celebrate. They use different animal signs and in the year 2022 animal sign will be the Tiger.  The New Year celebration starts from January 31st to February 15th.

Chinese New Year - What Year is 2022 Chinese New Year | Chinese Lunar New Year 2022

 The Chinese use different animals as have said earlier and animal as an ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat are the animal used during the new year are done according to the Chinese zodiac. They also believe that people are born during these animal periods maybe someone is born during the tiger year, those set of people are always brave, competitive, and confident.  The Chinese New Year is calculated by the Chinese lunar calendar. It is based on how the sun and moon cycle and it is usually 20 to 50 days ahead of the normal New Year calendar.

What is the Chinese New Year 2022 symbol?

The Chinese New Year symbol is representing a tiger symbol and this symbol change every year. The 2021 Chinese symbol is the ox and the 2023 symbol will be the rabbit.  The tiger year will be  1st February 2022 as they consider that the tiger is brave, cruel, confident, and forceful. This makes it in the Chinese culture and symbol of power.

Why are there 15 days of Chinese New Year?

There are 15 days of the Chinese New Year because the 15 days make the new year and also the first full moon after the spring festival.  The full moon is also known as the Yuan Xiao Jie which means the first night of the full moon and also the lantern festival day.  The lanterns and oranges are a large part of the celebration and are done with the reunion dinner.

What is eaten during the Chinese New Year?

There is specific food eaten on the Chinese New Year and they have why they are eaten. The following are the food eaten and the reasons for eating them.

  • Good fortune fruit- fullness and wealth
  • Sweet rice balls- family togetherness
  • Longevity noodles- happiness and longevity
  • Spring rolls- wealth
  • Chinese dumplings- wealth
  • Fish- an increase in prosperity {steam fish}
  • Glutinous rice cake- a higher income or position

What happened on the 11th of the Chinese New Year?

On the eleventh day of the Chinese New Year, the father in Chinese invites the son-in-law to their house for dinner.  During the birthday celebration of the jade emperor. If they are any leftovers, they are eaten on the tenth and eleventh day of the Chinese New Year.  While on the fourteen-day of the celebration, the preparation is on,  so as to celebrate the last Chinese new year.

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